douglascountysheriff148You’ve probably heard of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.  It is an annual event in honor of Saint Fermin.  It is a practice involving a group of brave souls running in front a six charging bulls though a sectioned of set of streets.  Apparently, two Douglas County bulls had been watching the Travel Channel and fancied themselves as local El Toro, because they tried to recreate their own Running of the bulls on the loop trail about a half mile south of Rocky Reach Dam yesterday afternoon. 

RiverCom dispatch received several complaints that two bulls were on the trail chasing pedestrians and cyclists.  Deputies and humane society officers quickly responded to scene.  No one was injured, but the bulls had made good their escape. 

Deputies reported that there were several orchards into which the animals could have disappeared.  Maybe they just got tired and went home having fulfilled their dream.  They were last seen heading toward East Wenatchee.

Very Respectfully,
Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal

douglascountysheriff148On 09/08/16 at 11:40 PM a Douglas County Deputy on routine patrol on Hwy. 28 five miles east of East Wenatchee attempted to stop a vehicle travelling 73 MPH in a 60 MPH zone.  When the Deputy turned on his emergency lights, the vehicle abruptly sped up to approximately 100 MPH.  Traffic was light, and the Deputy pursued the vehicle to SE 3rd where it turned right.  It continued at a high speed and failed to stop at the stop sign at SE 4th and Kentucky.  The vehicle lost control and went off the road near Clovis School damaging some fencing.  The driver, 27 year old Armondo Torres of Kent, WA, was taken into custody without further incident.  He was found to be in possession of a large quantity of suspected methamphetamine.  He also had multiple warrants for his arrest and had a suspended driver’s license. 

The Deputies and the assisting East Wenatchee Police officers did a very good job effectively managing this case and bringing the criminal to justice.


douglascountysheriff148On 08/17/16 at 3:34 PM the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office SRT and the Chelan County SWAT teams worked together to serve a high risk search warrant at the 1800 Blk. of Fairview in Bridgeport, WA.  

Residents in town may have noticed armored cars or heard loud reports made by the diversionary devices used by the teams during the raid.  Several roads were also temporarily blocked to keep people out of the area and to provide security for law enforcement at the scene.   

Detectives from the NCW Drug Task Force searched the residence with the help of drug dogs.  They located approximately 3.9 ounces of heroin and suspected methamphetamine paraphernalia.  No one was arrested at the residence, but charges are pending. 

I appreciate the cooperation between the Douglas and Chelan County Sheriff’s Offices, the Brewster Police Department, and the NCWDTF.

Very Respectfully,

Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal

douglascountysheriff148On 08/04/16 at 10:17 AM Douglas County Deputies responded to a domestic violence call at the 400 Blk. of Parkway Drive in Rock Island. 

The victim claimed to have been assaulted by her boyfriend and fled to the residence of a neighbor.  She reported he had a gun. 

Deputies went to the suspect’s residence and asked the male to come out.  He refused.  One Deputy could see what looked to be a rifle stock protruding from some blankets.  When the Deputies went inside to bring the suspect out, he attacked them by punching them in their head and bodies.  He was Tased and subsequently subdued. 

The suspect, 46 year old Shayne Merritt of Rock Island, complained of neck pain.  He was transported to the hospital and was quickly cleared to be moved to the jail.  He was booked for Assault 4th D/V for assaulting his girlfriend.  He was also charged with Assault 3rd degree for attacking the Chief Deputy.  Charges are being considered for his attack on a sergeant who was also at the call.