wsdot-logoWSDOT implements recommendations

OLYMPIA – An independent review of the Washington State Department of Transportation’s management of its largest projects recommends improvements that will strengthen the agency’s delivery record and ensure better stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

The report was commissioned in March 2013 by Washington state Secretary of Transportation Lynn Peterson to provide specific recommendations on how the agency can learn from recent errors and prevent them from occurring on future projects.

“WSDOT is charged with building and maintaining a safe, reliable, and efficient transportation system for our state. When I joined the agency, I requested a review of how WSDOT conducts business to ensure we are delivering all of our projects on time and on budget,” said Secretary Peterson. “I wanted to know, ‘What lessons can we learn from recent mistakes to ensure that similar situations don’t happen again?’”

The assessment of WSDOT mega projects makes recommendations on organizational structure; capturing lessons learned and translating that knowledge to other projects; developing workforce and project staffing; applying quality assurance protocols; conducting oversight and review; modifying WSDOT’s internal procedures; and assessing risk and choosing the correct contract method for each project.  In particular, the report recommends WSDOT consider the general contractor/construction management delivery approach, which other state DOTs are using successfully to encourage innovation, accelerate delivery, decrease traffic impacts, and establish a fair price for taxpayers and the contractor.

The independent review found that while there are existing procedures and systems within WSDOT to appropriately manage these large projects, they were not consistently used, risk-management decisions were not always fully evaluated, and resources were limited in several key positions so that the level of oversight required did not occur. The report also found that more work is needed to ensure that staff with experience on the large projects is sharing lessons learned within the agency and being provided opportunities to apply that experience to other projects across the state.

Secretary Peterson received weekly updates on the report progress, and in some cases, moved quickly to implement changes as the authors shared their interim findings with her.  Some of the recommendations already implemented or underway include:

  • A new chief engineer with mega project experience has been appointed, and a deputy chief engineer position has been created to ensure there is capacity to provide oversight of the mega projects.
  • A more robust analysis of how the agency contracts for work and how risk is shared with contractors is being developed.
  • A new quality assurance manager position is being created that will report directly to the chief engineer to ensure that quality assurance protocols are followed across the agency.
  • Opportunities will be created for agency staff to gain mega project experience, so that lessons learned on current projects can be applied to future programs.

In addition to those changes, Secretary Peterson earlier this year appointed a new bridge and structures engineer with 29 years of experience at WSDOT to lead the agency’s bridge office.

The agency, as part of Governor Inslee’s Results Washington Initiative, is currently developing a broader set of reform recommendations to improve WSDOT performance.

The review made several recommendations that would require legislative action, including enabling the use of a general contractor/construction management delivery approach described above. The report also recommended establishing a pilot program for a limited number of public/private partnerships in order to more fully evaluate the effectiveness of this delivery approach.

The review was conducted by Ron Paananen, CH2M Hill, and John Njord, Tom Warne & Associates, who have experience managing large transportation projects in Washington state and across the country. The report can be found at:

sheriffsmOn 10/08/2013 at 3:05pm, RIVERCOM dispatch received a 911 cellular call from a subject advising his 50 year old brother had become very ill while camping near Nada Lake in the Alpine Wilderness of Chelan County. The subject reporting the situation advised dispatchers that his brother was having difficulty breathing. The subject that hiked out had to borrow a cell phone from another hiker on the Snow Lakes Trail to make the emergency call. He told dispatchers he was going back to the camp a Nada Lake to check on his brother before additional information could be obtained. Nada Lake is an approximate 6 ½ mile uphill hike on the Snow Lakes Trail from the trailhead located on Icicle Road west of Leavenworth.

Chelan County Search and Rescue coordinators launched AIR20 to the area of Nada Lake. Due to the lack of information concerning the exact location of the camp, it took nearly 30 minutes for the AIR20 crew to locate the subjects. The camp was eventually located and AIR20 landed nearby. It was determined the subject was deceased at the scene. All indications are that the subject died from an apparent medical condition.

The body of Richard A. Ray (50yoa) of Wenatchee was removed from the wilderness by the helicopter crew and released to the Chelan County Coroner’s Office. The Coroner will be investigating the cause of death.

Questions concerning this media release may be directed to Sgt Kent Sisson at the Sheriff’s Office (509-630-7506).


Regular Board Meeting

142 Pedoi St., Bumgarner Building, October 10th, 2013, 4:10pm
I. Call to Order
II. Flag Salute
III. Agenda Deletions and Additions
IV. Public Comment/Questions
V. Approval of Minutes
a. Minutes of the Sept 12th, 2013 Regular Meeting
VI. Financial Review
a. Review Monthly Financial Reports
b. Review and Approve Monthly Voucher
VII. Old Business
a. Manson Business Association Update
b. Manson Community Council Update
c. Director’s Report
d. Boat Club Lease
VIII. New Business
a. Architects for Manson Bay Improvement Project
b. 2014 Budget
IX. Adjournment

Next Regular Meeting: November 14th, 2013 at 4:10pm, 142 Pedoi St., Bumgarner Building

manson_trojans_logoThe Manson Middle School Girls Basketball team hosted Pateros on Thursday, October 3, 2013.

Manson won 35-15.

Perla Villasenor (7th grader) had 2 points, Kayla Gosvenor (8th grader) had 8 points, Sandra Diaz (8th grader) had 6 points, Angie Guillen (8th grader) had 6 points, Megan Clausen (7th grader) had 7 points and Alyssa LaMar (8th grader) had 6 points.

The girls played a great game, they worked well together and were able to run and work on the offense throughout the game.

Manson vs. Entiat

manson_trojans_logoOn Saturday, October 5 Manson soccer team played their firs league game against Entiat. 

The lady Trojans went into the game with only nine players.  It didn't take long for things to get tougher for the Lady Trojans.  At the twenty minute Brenda Lopez re-injured her knee and the team was left with only eight players on the field. 

With three players down the Lady Trojans played though defense throughout the first half.  At the thirty two minute the Manson goalie made a good save but could not hold on to the ball, leaving the ball near the goal line, allowing an Entiat striker to get to the ball before the Manson defender and kicking the ball in for a goal.  The only mistake that the Lady Trojans made in the first half, Entiat made them pay by scoring the only goal of the half.  

In the second half it didn't get any easier for the Lady Trojans.  In the second half within the first twenty minutes Entiat score two more goals.  The Lady Trojans did not give up as they had a few shots stopped by the Entiat defenders.  Two more players got injured so the team was left with only six players and that's when the referee ended the game with only eight minutes left.

Manson 0        Entiat 3

Manson         Entiat
Brisa Tovar 32 min
Yesenia Ramirez 53 min
Alexis Swearingen 58 min.

Shots at Goal
Manson 3        Entiat 25

Manson 17        Entiat 0