manson_trojans_logoIt was a tough loss for the Manson Middle School girls basketball team while visiting the Waterville Shockers on Thursday night.

The game was tied 6-6 at the end of the first quarter, and Megan Clausen had all six of the Trojan points.

It was a good match up and both teams answered each others buckets.

At the end of the 3rd quarter, the Manson girls were down by 1.

The 4th quarter each team scored 4 points, which still left the Manson girls down by 1.

The final score, 23-24. Megan Clausen led the way with 10 and Kayla Gosvenor was next with 5.

nps_logo_smSedro Woolley, WA – October 17, 2013 – North Cascades National Park Service Complex re-opens to visitors today.  Visitors can access public areas and roads immediately while facilities and other public services are being re-opened.

Superintendent Karen Taylor-Goodrich said, “We are very pleased to be back at work and welcome visitors from all over the world to some of the most scenic and special public lands in North America.”

Visitor centers, offices, and campgrounds regularly open at this time of year will open immediately.  This includes the Headquarters office and visitor center in Sedro Woolley, North Cascades Visitor Center in Newhalem, and Golden West Visitor Center in Stehekin.  The North Cascades Institute’s Environmental Learning Center at Diablo Lake is also open.  The boat launch at Hozomeen will be opening today through October 31st as scheduled; the NPS campground at Hozomeen is closed for the season.  All park trails are open (weather dependent).  Park concession facilities are now open including the Ross Lake Resort on Ross Lake and the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin on Lake Chelan.

Operating hours, closing dates, and other park information and updates will be posted on the North Cascades National Park Service Complex website at or check with any visitor center.

ChelanFireRescueLogo200Space Heater Safety Tips:
Give the heater some space. Placing a combustible object too close to a heater is the leading cause of space heater fires. Allow at least three feet of open space on each side of the unit.
Use wall plug-ins. To prevent a fire, never plug a high-wattage space heater into an extension cord or multi-outlet strip.
Opt for quality. When shopping for a space heater, select a unit that has all the safety features and the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) label of approval. Look for the cool-to-the-touch housings and automatic shut off features that turn the unit off if it’s tipped over or overheating. Some units will automatically shut off if their infrared sensors detect a person or object that is too close to the heater panel – making them desirable choices for households with kids or pets.
Never run a space heater in an unoccupied room. Always turn off a space heater when you leave the room, especially if young children or pets could come in contact with the device. Unplug the unit as an extra precaution.
Size matters. Before purchasing a space heater, check the label to see if it is the appropriate size for the area you want to heat.
Keep electric heaters away from dampness. Operating units in wet areas such as bathrooms can cause electric shock. If you need additional heat in a damp location, purchase a heater specifically designed for this purpose.
Safety first. Every room in which you plan to run a space heater should be outfitted with a smoke alarm. If you’re operating a gas space heater, also opt for a carbon monoxide alarm.

Carefully read the operating instructions and markings included with the heater before use.
Carefully inspect your heater and its electrical cord and plug before use. Never use a heater that is damaged.
Use your heater only as a supplementary source of heat. These devices are not intended to replace your home’s heating system.
Keep combustibles such as draperies, clothing and furniture at a safe distance – at least three feet away - from the heater.
Pay special attention to children if there is a heater in the room. Remind children not to poke their fingers or objects through the protective guard.
Avoid using an extension cord with your heater. If you must use an extension cord, it should have a rating 1.25 times the wattage rating of the heater. For example, you should use a cord rated at least 1,875 watts with a 1,500 watt heater.
Unplug your heater when not in use.

manson_trojans_logoThe Manson Middle School Girls basketball team hosted Entiat on Monday, October 14, 2013.

Manson lost 30-44.

Sandra Diaz (8th grader) had 9 points, Angie Guillen (8th grader) had 6 points, Nery Martinez (7th grader) had 2 points, Haley Williams (7th grader) had 2 points and Megan Clausen (7th grader) had 11 points.

The girls did a great job working together, running the offense and playing hard. It was a great game and we are very proud of them.

10-4-13:  World (ok, Regionally) famous writer Terry Rudnick, wife Roberta and buddy Darell Midles with their bunch of Lake Chelan Lakers.  Oh, to have been in on the stories on that trip!
10-6-13:  Dan Cooper of Seattle brought his boys, Evan (10) and Henry (7) out to fish with Jeff.  They did a fine job out there.
What’s hot is trolling the upper end of the trench for Lake Trout on Lake Chelan. Fishing the lower basin of Lake Chelan over the next few weeks for planter rainbows will be a nice way to keep kids entertained.
Working depths of 180 to 210 feet between Minneapolis Beach and Rocky Point at speeds of 1.1 to 1.4 mph within 5 feet of the bottom has been very productive.   Silver Horde’s Needlefish squiddy’s and Mack’s Lures Fat Cat Cha Cha Squidders in glow green rigged with a Mack’s Lures glow Smile Blade and baited with a strip of Northern Pikeminnow have produced numbers of fish off the downrigger rods. Fish have also come off of Worden Lures T4 Flatfish in GPLF and LUCH off the outrigger rods.
If you are a rainbow trout aficionado, try all the normal ways to catch the loads of planter rainbows that WDFW was kind enough to plant. From the shore, throwing Worden Lures Roostertails or dunking Pautzke’s Firebait on slip sinker rigs will be productive for a while.   From a boat, troll Mack’s Lures Mini Cha Cha Squidders behind their 0000 Double D Dodger.
Your fishing tip of the week is to stay alert for new wrinkles in the fishing industry that can help you. For a few years now we have surmised that Silver Horde’s Kingfisher Lite spoons with sickle hooks tend to hold onto more hooked fish than other lures with standard “J” shaped hooks. Jeff’s initial experiments with Matzuo sickle hooks in our squid rigs tends to confirm that.   Their shape seems to keep those fish lips down at the deepest bend in the hook. This converts more “fish on” into “fish in the boat”. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
The kid’s tip of the week is to involve your photography kid or budding artist in the slower times of fishing. Even young ones enjoy snapping a picture of their fish, or something interesting on the shore. Silly pictures of each other add to the fun of the day. With the ease of digital cameras, a few extra shots keep them engaged and might even produce that memorable shot.
The safety tip of the week is to be sure that everyone on board knows exactly where all safety equipment is located. That includes not only the life jackets of proper size, but the fire extinguisher, first aid kit and a throwable floatation device. In the excitement of starting a trip, it’s easy to skim over this and these few moments of instruction can be a life saver.