A Different, but Productive Year!

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CityofEastWenatcheePoliceLoOn Tuesday February 9, 2021 the East Wenatchee Police Department Investigative Unit received a phone call from the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC). ICAC reported they had been alerted to what was believed to be images depicting minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct that were newly produced. Utilizing information provided by the ICAC, Detectives were able to identify the local IP Address being used along with the identification of the suspect.

Based off the information gathered by the East Wenatchee Police Department Investigative Unit, and the ICAC a search warrant was sought and granted for a residence in the 100 Block of North Kansas Ave, in East Wenatchee. In the morning hours on Friday February 19, 2021, the East Wenatchee Police Department served the search warrant on this residence. The suspect was home at the time of the search warrant and was taken into custody. A search of the residence was completed and multiple electronic items and devices capable of storing media were seized as evidence. The suspect was booked into Chelan County Regional Justice Center on fifteen counts of Possession of Minors Engaged in Sexually Explicit Conduct. This investigation is ongoing.

MCC logo 250MCC Meeting Agenda for February 16, 2021

ZOOM @ 6:00 pm Meeting ID: 895 6602 3031

* CALL TO ORDER Kari Sorensen

Members Present Online:
Kari Sorensen
Kathy Blum
Cindy SmithGordon Lester
Elmira Forner

* FLAG SALUTE Kari Sorensen





#1 NEW COUNCIL VOTE FOR TREASURER (sec/treas positions separated on 2021 By-Laws)



wsdot covid 800

Washingtonians still have time to visit open house, webinar recordings

OLYMPIA – There’s still time for Washingtonians to weigh in and learn more about the state’s plan for walking, bicycling and other forms of active transportation. The Washington State Department of Transportation will continue to take comments on its draft of the new State Active Transportation Plan, 2020 and Beyond, until Monday, Feb. 15.

Every Washingtonian uses active transportation connections at some point in a trip, whether crossing the street from their parking spot to their destination, walking to a bus stop or bicycling to school or work. The new plan comes during a time when more people than ever are walking and bicycling – according to WSDOT’s multimodal transportation dashboard – both as alternatives to transit use and to maintain physical and mental health during the pandemic. At the same time, a preliminary assessment of crash statistics found that 2020 fatal crashes involving those vulnerable road users appear to be occurring at higher rates than the averages for 2010-2019.

“Highways in most places weren’t originally designed for people walking or cycling, so it’s no surprise we found a number of places with gaps,” said Barb Chamberlain, director of WSDOT’s active transportation division. “This analysis helps us understand how the use of state routes has changed as population centers have expanded, and why they may no longer have the most appropriate design or speed for the mix of uses and people there.”

The draft plan assesses the needs for accessible pedestrian and bicyclist facilities, highlights safety concerns, and provides the first-ever examination of state right of way and its suitability for active transportation. An online open house and recorded webinar provide opportunities to learn more about the draft plan and to provide comments.

Active transportation plan online open house information

When:            Friday, Dec. 18, 2020, to Monday, Feb. 15, 2021

Where:           Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, plan information is available to view in an online open house.

Details:           A copy of the draft active transportation plan document is available in an accessible PDF, and a link to a feedback form to collect input from Washington residents is provided. Deadline for comments is Monday, Feb. 15. WSDOT staff held webinars to provide an overview of the plan; a link to an archive version with captioning and slides from that are also available in the online open house.

The plan's materials can be made available in an alternate format by emailing WSDOT’s Office of Equal Opportunity at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling toll free, 855-362-4ADA (4232). Persons who are deaf or hard of hearing may make a request by calling the Washington State Relay at 711. (More on Title VI and ADA)

Free, temporary internet access is available to those who do not have broadband service in locations throughout the state. To find the nearest WiFi Hotspot visit: www.commerce.wa.gov/building-infrastructure/washington-state-drive-in-wifi-hotspots-location-finder/.

The draft plan is Part 1 of a two-part plan. Part 1 covers:

  • The purpose and need of the statewide active transportation plan.
  • Benefits of active transportation.
  • The current state of active transportation in Washington.
  • Concerns and priorities gathered through public engagement.
  • Broad cost estimates for changes to state right of way and local systems to improve conditions for active transportation.

Part 2 of the plan will come out in 2021 and cover relevant policy topics, performance measures associated with the plan’s goals, and next steps in developing an implementation and action plan. WSDOT staff will use comments received on Part 1, as well as past community and partner input, to help identify policy topics in Part 2.

To receive future updates specifically for the plan subscribe to the ATP E-News. For active transportation news updates including grant opportunities, webinars, and activities of WSDOT and partners subscribe to the WSDOT Walk + Roll E-News.

Chelan Fire and Rescue
Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 3:00 P.M.
232 East Wapato, Chelan, WA

The CFR Board of Commissioners will conduct the meeting via Zoom. The public is welcome to join by following this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87284665516 Meeting ID: 872 8466 5516 or dial +1 253 215 8782

Proposed Chelan Fire and Rescue agenda pending Board approval.

Roll Call:
Regular Meeting Call to Order:
Approve Agenda:
Public Comment:
Consent Agenda:
• Revenue and Expenditure Report: January 2021
• Payroll: January 1 -31, 2021 for $126,824.64 paid 01-05-2021
• General Account Vouchers: #746899 – 746951 for $33,429.64
• Capital Account Vouchers: #17160 and 746913 - 746917 for $8,570.58
• Minutes: January 20, 2021
Fire Chief Report:
• 2021 Budget & Financial Report
• Emergency Response Report / Operations / Community Risk Reduction / Apparatus Update
Assistant Chief Report:
• Volunteer Recruitment & Retention / Training
Firefighters Association Report:
Unfinished Business:
• City of Chelan Fire Protection Services Contract – Update
• Station 75 Short Plat – Update
• 2020-2021 Annexations – Update
• Citizens Group Advisory Board - proposal
New Business:
• Resolution 2021-01 – Surplus Physical Fitness Items
Special Events:
• Thursday Feb 18th at 8:10 KOZI – Commissioner Oules and Chief Donnell or Chief Asher
Board for Volunteer Firefighters:
Public Comment:
Commissioner Comments:
Executive Session: RCW 42.30.110(1) ( c ) To consider the minimum price at which real estate will be offered for sale. RCW 42.30.110 (1) ( g ) To evaluate the qualifications of an applicant for public employment or to review the performance of a public employee.

 more to manson logoThe Manson Chamber of Commerce has set up the "Sleigh of Love" in downtown Manson next to Troy's Pizza.

Norm Manly has volunteered his time on Thursday through Saturday, February 11-13 to take photos of you and your sweetheart.

Norm plans to be available from 12:00 to 2:00 each day. Photos will be uploaded to the Manson Chamber of Commerce's Facebook page so you can share your love with the world!

If you do not want your photo on the Internet, Norm will be happy to take a photo with your camera.

One more option is to take a photo and email it to Norm at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will upload it for you. If you are willing, share your names and where you are from.

The sleigh will be disinfected between photos.

manson parks logo

Regular Board Meeting
142 Pedoi Street, Bumgarner Building, February 11, 2021, 4:15pm

Phone-in meeting: 1-425-436-6260
Access code: 8182416

I. Call to Order
II. Flag Salute
III. Agenda Additions and Deletions
IV. Public Comment
V. Approval of Minutes
a. January 14, 2021 regular meeting minutes
VI. Financial Review
a. Review Monthly Financial Report
b. Review and Approve Monthly Voucher
VII. Old Business
a. Director’s Report
VIII. New Business
a. Resolutions 2021-01 and 2021-02 (Levy 2022-2024)
b. Resolution 2021-03 (Superseded Resolution 04-04)
c. Old Mill vehicle parking permits
d. Old Mill Commercial insurance requirements
e. Summer park security
f. Old Swim Hole
g. Poker Run park usage request
IX. Adjournment
Next regular meeting: March 11, 2021 at 4:10pm, 142 Pedoi Street, Manson, WA 98831 unless otherwise posted.

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View the embedded image gallery online at:

In these chaotic times, it’s not difficult to see the bad in things. Here in our small community, it is also not difficult to see the good. Inspiring acts of kindness and generosity are happening all around us. The Singleton Park Playground Renovation Project in Manson is a perfect example, showing that the power of community is alive and well in the Lake Chelan Valley.

Several years ago, Manson Parks identified the need to replace the aging playground equipment at Singleton Park. In 2019, the project gained momentum, and in 2020, it went from a dream to a reality.

The new equipment was ordered in January of 2020, manufactured, and then delivered in April. Due to the heavy pandemic restrictions in place, installation of the equipment was delayed. In September, with a safety plan in place, a group of dedicated volunteers installed the equipment. If current COVID restrictions loosen, the new playground is scheduled to open in the spring of this year. For now, it remains closed as we await warmer weather so work can resume. The next steps of the project are adding several benches, signs, completing the concrete sidewalk, and adding safety surfacing.

The playground, even in its unfinished state, is a place of wonder! It exceeds all expectations and is exactly what our children deserve: a place where people of all abilities can play side-by-side. It is the first inclusive playground in our valley, and it truly couldn’t come at a better time.

Manson Parks would like to recognize and give thanks to following supporters, who truly believe in the importance of play and physical activity. A huge “Thank You!” goes out to our financial donors:

THE TOM & MEG NAMES FAMILY FOUNDATION, Burke Move With Us Grant, Manson Kiwanis, Lake Chelan Rotary, Mountain View Lodge, The Community Foundation of North Central Washington and Give NCW! Campaign supporters, Chelan-Douglas Developmental Disabilities Program, Wenatchee Valley Medical/ Confluence Health, Community Support Committee, Lake Chelan Community Service Council, Lake Chelan Lions Club, Chelan Walmart Lake Chelan Building Supply, Manson Red Apple Market, Cashmere Valley Bank, Karl and Cathy Blum, Sue and Roger Baker, Betty Bordner, Chelan Sand & Gravel, Chelan Concrete, Dave’s Apple Barrel, David & Cindy Sneesby, Green Dot Sub Shop, Viki Downey, and Felix & Krystin Guerra.

And to those who selflessly volunteered their time and energy:

BRIAN PATTERSON, Randy Doull, Don Christenson, Tom Tochterman, Ty Witt, Barry Leahey, Karen Pembroke, Kirk & Mary McGovern, Robert & Karen Takagi, Steve Clark, Roger & Sue Baker, Rick Auger, Adelina Grajeda, Alicia Alexander, Johnny Morfin, Nick Pittman, Harold & Sherry Pittman, Ben Riippi, Maria Zaragoza, Alaric Pratt, Sara Jones, Taylor Quigley, Travis Schoenwald, Bill Sharkey, Fred Barkley, Gregg Neff, Larry Lesmeister, Loa Servis, Honorina De Jesus, Evelyn De Jesus, Bill Jarr, Lester Cooper, Dale England, and Robert Campbell.

Manson Parks could not be more grateful to the people mentioned above. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for coming together to bring some good news to our valley in these unprecedented times. This valley is truly is unlike any other. It’s the people who make this place we call “home” so special. For those of you who have not been able to help with the project, we hope to see your smiling face at the playground once it opens. The laughter and memories soon to be created at Singleton Park are what this is all about. The magic doesn’t end here, it’s only just beginning!

manson schoolThe Manson School Board is asking our community for nominations of Manson School District Staff Members who have made a significant contribution to the lives of students and/or the greater Manson community. Recipients of this year’s award will receive a scholarship in the amount of $500 from Aaron England of England Chiropractic. Honorees are also recognized by the North Central Education Service District of Wenatchee and the Manson Chamber of Commerce.

Selection criteria is as follows: one certificated employee (grades P-12) and one support staff employee (secretaries, bus drivers, custodians, para-professionals, food services, coaches, etc.)

Nominations will be accepted until March 25, 2021 at noon. Winning nominees will be announced at the Manson School Board meeting on March 29, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. via ZOOM.

Nominations forms are available online at the school district website www.manson.org, in both English and Spanish. If you should have any questions, please call the Manson School District office at 687-3140.

Heather to use

Earlier this month, Manson Middle and High Schools both received recognition from the State Board of Education, the Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee, and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for the 2018-2019 school year.

Recognition methods rely on multiple measures from the Washington School Improvement Framework. Follow this link to learn more about the methods and metrics https://www.sbe.wa.gov/2018-19-school-recognition-methodology

Manson Middle School was recognized for their overall GROWTH and for CLOSING GAPS. Manson High School was recognized for their overall GROWTH. Principal, Dr. Ireland, shared this recognition with the school board who are so proud Manson’s teachers. She stated that “it is the hard work, dedication, and support of our staff, students, parents, and community that have made these recognitions possible. We look forward to continue growth and learning for all students whom we serve.”