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November 7, 2023 3:00pm
Microsoft Teams
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Phone access: 1-206-677-8635, 946183029#

Call to Order
Property and Environmental Investigation History
Discussion on the former orchard use and lead arsenate pesticide application. This has resulted in lead and arsenic contamination.

Ecology completed initial determination sampling in 2018 and confirmed lead and arsenic contaminated soil is present at the Property.

Aspect’s Remedial Investigation
Scope and objective of the RI.

Cultural resources survey information and results.

Summary of the findings and Site conditions.

Ecology Interactions and Model Remedies
Talk about our interactions with Ecology and how all work in accordance model remedies and direct input.

Discuss the model remedies and how capping and consolidation and capping are the recommend cleanup actions.

Cleanup is incorporated into property development for the park.

Site Concept Development
(Pacific’s agenda item)
Scope and objective of the potential site concepts.

Conversation with the District about what general improvements (i.e. parking, restroom/shelter, amphitheater, playgrounds, ballfields) should be considered for the creation of ROM and exhibit-displays.

Next Steps
Beyond what’s currently funded:
- Design of the park
- Design of the environmental cap
- Construction of the park and cap
- Final reporting and for NFA request and environmental covenant