CC sheriff logo 2023Sheriff Mike Morrison reports on 10/28/23 at around 1:19 PM patrol deputies responded to a bomb threat at 707 US Hwy 2 #F, the Rhein Haus Restaurant in Leavenworth WA. RiverCom received through a text, a bomb threat at the location.

The text advised there was a pipe bomb in a backpack placed in the bathroom by the suspect, who was there with it as well. The suspect gave a description of himself as a male named “John”, with blond hair wearing a blue shirt and black pants. Deputies quickly responded and cleared the restaurant and the area. They conducted a search of the restaurant and the area including the public bathrooms. No suspect or backpack or bomb was located.

The IP address of the suspect came out of West Virginia. RiverCom confronted the suspect about this via text and the suspect stopped communication. Beyond the initial threat, and thanks to the quick work of patrol deputies it was determined that the threat was not credible.

The incident is still under investigation.