CC sheriff logo 2018On Saturday night,12/26/20,at aprx 2315 hours, a Wenatchee area resident who was in Leavenworth with a group of cars and several subjects all from Wenatchee, reported an adult male in one of their cars had been shot in the side/abdomen with an unknown firearm from an unknown person/direction. The victim was inside one of their vehicles near the City of Leavenworth DOT parking lot.

Deputies, WSP, and East Wenatchee PD responded. The victim was transferred to an ambulance and transported to CWH Wenatchee with a serious gunshot wound.

Prior to police arriving, a small blue car was seen leaving the area on EB SR2 at a high rate of speed, away from Leavenworth towards Wenatchee. Officers were unable to locate that vehicle.

After leaving with the victim, the ambulance was on SR2 EB near Dryden, when the same small blue car approached the ambulance, began flashing its lights at the ambulance, and keeping pace in excess of 70 MPH. The ambulance radioed for assistance from law enforcement.

Deputies advised the ambulance to pull over near the Pinnacles once they caught up. Deputies stopped the blue car, and learned from the driver of the small blue car (an adult male from Wenatchee) that the victim had been shot while in his vehicle. A bullet hole was observed in the RR 1/4 panel.

All subjects from both vehicles were interviewed. The small blue car was impounded for a search warrant, and the investigation continues. Victim was admitted to CWH Wenatchee with a serious gunshot wound to his right side. The Sheriff’s Office believes this was a targeted, and not a random incident.