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The Orchard is a slushy, snowy place at the moment! The photo below was taken by Laurie, "On our way to the Orchard for the third day in a row of unloading slush," from trees. With leaves and remaining apples still on the trees holding the snow, the wet, slushy stuff is a very real threat for breaking limbs and splitting trunks. This has to be one of the worst jobs at the Orchard in protecting our historic trees. Please send Laurie, Vicki, and others your warmest thoughts and wishes!

Taking down and storing the electric fences, removing and picking up apples, spreading the organic chicken manure, and winterizing and storing equipment are all tasks that must be completed by mid-November. Other winterizing, including storing hoses, sprinklers, and timers was completed in October.

Additionally, work is finishing up at the Buckner House, readying it for occupancy in the spring.

This is always a busy time for the Foundation, but even more so this year. Not only are we busy finishing up reports, applying for grants, communicating with businesses, NPS, and supporters; we are also working with NPS to complete our Annual Work Plan, and budget for 2023, and planning for capital projects.

Three hours of great music with Agnes on Fire was, again, a successful and welcome event for both Valley residents and the many visitors. The September 17 evening was cool, but pleasant, and over 200 people came and went during the evening to this BHHF sponsored event.

Agnes on Fire 20221

Harvest Fest 2022 could not have been better, with one exception. The apples were not nearly ripe enough!

Picking and Pressing
Modified for a lingering pandemic, all the materials for picking and making cider were put out daily, Friday through Sunday, and picked up and cleaned each evening. All three days had a steady flow of pickers and pressers, with no one day having a large crowd of folks doing either. Though the apples were on the edge of ripening, everyone had a great time in beautiful weather.

6 Harvest Fest 20221

Valley Music Night
Featuring Peggy Ann Courtney, Alan Mundal, and Agnes on Fire, this event could not have been better! Held outside for the first time on a very pleasant and rain-free evening, "Well over" 160 attendees enjoyed 90 minutes of great music. Our thanks to the musicians, the Stehekin School, and those who helped set up and take down the pews, canopy, sound system, and lights to the outhouses!

Our previous Valley Music Nights have all been indoors, and were overly crowded at 130 visitors. This year's arrangement was weather dependent with great weather, not something we can count on any given year.

4 Harvest Fest 2022 2

Poetry Night
Another very successful evening! Held at the Golden West Visitors Center, a record 40 individuals sat around the fireplace, enjoying a variety of readings. Some were original poems, while others shared some of their favorites. Poetry Night has found a new home!5 Harvest Fest 20222
Scheduling Harvest Fest
Our Board policy is to hold Harvest Fest the first weekend in October, unless the Saturday falls on the first or second of the month, which it did this year. In adopting this position, the Board also recognized that seasonal changes in the Bakery and boat schedules would impact later dates. Also, weather is more iffy later in the season. Even with a second week Harvest Fest in 2022, it was still too early for truly ripe apples.

will be held October 6-8

You can support the Foundation and Orchard in two ways, volunteering (430 hours in 2022!), and giving via memberships, donations, and Adopt-A-Tree. If you appreciate what we do at the Buckner Orchard, please consider future work parties and other volunteer opportunities, and contributing financially to the Foundation. (ALL work for the Foundation is done 100% by volunteers.) The links below can be easily used to support the Foundation financially, or checks can be mailed to BHHF, PO Box 184, Manson, WA 98831.




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