douglas county logoThe Douglas County Board of Commissioner moved to adopt the 2023 preliminary budget today, November 8, 2022.  This adopted budget continues a strong history of conservative fiscal practices, efficient allocation of tax payer funds, and a focus on providing increased services to the Community.  There is a projected $781,892 being added to the general fund balance even in light of adding a multitude of new services.  By operating on a budget of less than the revenue generated, the Board is seeking to position the County to look forward to any market condition or community need that may arise in the future.

The 2023 budget includes the addition of four new Sheriff’s Office employees, including deputies, a detective, and office staff to improve response time and public safety; complete standup of the newly mandated Coroner’s Office; union negotiated raises; and a part time interpreter in District Court.  The largest undertaking included in this budget is the full year operating of the newly established Douglas County Office of Public Defense, which added three additional attorneys and two support staff, offices space and two vehicles.  By bringing the responsibility for indigent defense in-house, we were able to ensure more effective defense for our most vulnerable community members while controlling costs and implementing efficient business practices. 

Douglas County uses a practice of baseline budgeting to ensure all expenses are exhaustively vetted, examined, and assessed for need, utility, and financial sustainability.  All new costs for every department are approved individually by the Board of Commissioners, which ensures that increases are viewed globally for consistency with the overall budget policy.  Additionally, the proactive approach taken to encourage development within Douglas County has strengthened the County position to continue to increase services to the Community.

Acting as responsible and accountable stewards of the tax payers’ contributions is of the utmost importance to the Douglas County Board of Commissioner’s.  All decisions made on allocation of funds and investments are made in the interest in creating the highest benefit to the public.  The conservative financial philosophy shared by this Board and Boards prior have enabled Douglas County to weather a variety of economic hardships without sacrificing services to the community they represent.