CC sheriff logo 2023Chelan County Sheriff Mike Morrison reports, on 2/5/24, at approximately 12:46 pm, Deputies were advised of a stolen vehicle being followed by the registered owner’s friend. The stolen vehicle was reported as driving eastbound on US Hwy 2 entering the City of Cashmere.

Deputies responded to Cashmere and located the vehicle by the Home Town Market. When Deputies attempted to stop the stolen vehicle, it fled from them at high speed. Deputies did not pursue the vehicle due to current Washington State Laws.

However, the suspect drove the stolen vehicle down a dead end road which Deputies discovered and found the suspect had exited and ran on foot attempting to avoid capture. The suspect was later located, thanks to the help of multiple citizens, who directed them to his location.

The suspect, Michael D. McGuire, a 33 year old male from Wenatchee, WA. was arrested. McGuire was booked into the regional jail for charges of, Eluding, Driving while License Suspended 3rd degree, Resisting Arrest and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle.

Though state laws attempt to stifle effective law enforcement, Chelan County Deputies will continue to be persistent in locating and arresting those who commit crimes within our community.