teacher with kidsARLINGTON, Va. – September 26, 2019. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards unveiled today a program that recognizes school districts across the country that work hard to promote student learning through accomplished teaching. The National Board Accomplished Districts program will initially honor 81 districts in which at least 20% of its teachers have achieved National Board certification, encouraging teachers to be their best and effectively driving student learning. The 81 Accomplished Districts come from ten states including Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington.

Manson Schools are proud to be among the top districts nationwide being recognized as National Board Accomplished Districts. We know that teachers drive student learning. One of the ways we work to assure students have access to the best teachers is to encourage teachers to become National Board certified.

“High quality teaching is the most important in-school factor impacting student learning. The districts that measured up to be included in the National Board Accomplished District program understand the value of accomplished teaching and support teachers to be their best. We encourage state and district leaders to support National Board certification because NBCTs have a measurable impact on student learning – and what parent anywhere doesn’t want the best possible teacher for their children?” said Peggy Brookins, a National Board Certified Teacher and the president and CEO of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

“Manson School District is proud of all of our professional staff. We are happy to highlight our exceptional group of Nationally Board Certified teachers who have earned this additional rigorous credential.”

Congratulations to our 2018-19 Nationally Board Certified Teachers:

Amy Anderson, Philip Fournier, Jay Fox, Anita Johanson, Steven Nygreen, Andrea Olson-Whitney, Brandy Samson, Susan Sears, Kathryn Sperling, Heather Teague, Cassandra Williams and Keitlyn Watson.

Currently, one additional teacher is working on her certification

About the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (www.nbpts.org):

ribbon cutting

Manson 5th grade student Didier Chavez helped officially open a new ADA ramp at Manson Elementary. He was surrounded by his classmates and gave high fives as he drove down the ramp.

The project was funded by a grant from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) after Eric Sivertson, Operations Director for Manson School District wrote the $110,000 grant.

The project was completed by John Lodwig, Clearwater Construction.

This week 11 members of the Manson FFA attended the Chelan County Fair.. Some of the accomplishments as a group were FFA took first in garden judging, with Bryana Harris placing 1st overall followed by Jude Petersen 2nd, Reanna Mogan 3rd and Katie Gosvener 4th. The group also took second in poultry judging and third in livestock judging. Manson FFA earned a first place ribbon for barn decorations.

In swine FFA took 1 reserve grand champion, 3 call back ribbons, 17 blue first place ribbons, and 1 second place ribbon. In goats FFA took a reserve grand champion, 1 call back ribbon, 3 blue first place ribbons, and 1 red second place ribbon. In the FFA art and gardening entries they received 3 grand champion ribbons, 2 reserve grand champion ribbons, 6 first place ribbons, and 2 second place ribbons.

Freshman- Jude Petersen (pictured) received 1 reserve grand champion ribbon for fitting, showing, 2 call back ribbons, and 2 blue ribbons for his market hogs. He also received 8 blue ribbons 3 for woodworking, 1 for dried fruit, 1 for knitting, 1 for his metal art, and 2 for his art work.

Sophomores- Natalie Solorio got a blue ribbon and in fitting and showing. Katie Gosvener received a call back and blue ribbons for fitting and showing and market hog. She also received a reserve grand champion for her concord grapes, a first place ribbon for metal art, a first and second place ribbon for plants, and a second place ribbon for crafts. Lauren Soliday received blue ribbons in fitting and showing and for market hog. Paige Schoenwald received 2 red ribbons for her market hogs and 1 blue ribbon for fitting and showing.

Juniors- Zane Mericle got a blue ribbon for his market goat and a call back ribbon and a blue ribbon for fitting and showing. Gunnar Rasmussen (pictured) received blue ribbons for his market hog and for fitting and showing. He also received a grand champion ribbon for his metal art. Allison Adame got a red ribbon for her market hog and a blue ribbon for fitting and showing. Bryanna Harris received a reserve grand champion ribbon for her market goat, and blue ribbons for her market pig and for fitting and showing. She also received a grand champion for her painting, 2 blue ribbons for metal art and artwork, and a blue ribbon for tomatoes.

Seniors- Bryce LaMar received blue ribbons for his market hog and for fitting and showing. Raeauna Mogan received blue ribbon in market hogs and in fitting and showing. In the arts she received a reserve grand champion and a blue ribbon.

manson schoolManson School District will hold a certificated substitute academy, on August 21, 2019 beginning at 12:00 p.m. – 3:30p.m., lunch provided, at Manson Elementary School located at 950 Totem Pole Road.

If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher this training will give you the information you need in order to become qualified. If interested, please RSVP to the Manson School District office at 687-3140.

options science

The Lake Chelan Multisport Foundation recently granted the Options program with a generous sum of money for a new science kit for the Options first and second graders.

The Solids and Liquids kit explores these two phases of substances, their properties and characteristics, and how to run tests to distinguish what those characteristics are.

The kids are absolutely loving it! The hands-on science hones their observations and writing skills and really makes science fun.

Over the years the Lake Chelan Multisport Foundation has been so generous in supporting Options. To date they have helped fund 4 science kits and other endeavors for our program.

The Manson School District wishes to thank them publicly for their generosity!


Washington State Legislator Mike Steele visited Manson High School on Monday May 6th to share information about the award his family sponsors each year, the Mel Steele Memorial Award.

Mel (Mike’s Uncle) was a standout athlete and student who was killed in a tragic football injury while he was a student at Manson High School.

Each year Representative Steele visits with seniors and shares the attributes his family admired in Mel and those that Manson Staff Members look for in one senior student who is awarded the medal and scholarship.

Manson seniors thanked Representative Steele for his work in the 2019 Legislative Session and in particular for his work in securing $400,000 in funds to assist in building an Early Childhood Center on Manson’s campus.

His leadership and advocacy in the Capital Budget process is very much appreciated by Manson students, staff and families.


Over 400 parents, students and community members participated in Manson’s 2nd Annual Cultural Celebration. Fifteen countries were first researched by students and then aspects of each country’s culture was shared (food, dance, games, art, etc.) with visitors. Each family had a passport (complete with pictures) and earned stamps and chances at prizes.

Two groups of students (high school and 5/6 Options) researched their genetic DNA backgrounds and shared their findings.

Amazing food (courtesy of the Manson food service department – Head Cook Robin Hanson) was served with choices of Italian or Asian themed main courses and desert delicacies: USA apple crisp, Italy gelato, Latin American flan, Swedish vafflor (waffle) , Chinese cookies, Australian chocolate crackle. The night concluded with a World Cup Soccer tournament – Congratulations Team Argentina

we 2

WE Day was a wonderful experience for so many reasons. The organization is all about making a mental shift in thinking from ME to WE.

The most important thing that happened yesterday is that our middle school leadership students participated in a shared experience. At WE Day, they were exposed to problems in the world and empowered to make change.

Maybe more important to our school, these students are motivated to make some cultural shifts within our walls to create this feeling for all Manson students.

Miles club photoManson Miles Club is an 8-week program, offered in both the Fall and Spring, which promotes overall health and fitness for all K-5 Manson Elementary Students, through walking and running laps at lunch recess. 

Students are awarded a foot charm for their Manson Miles Club necklace each time they run or walk 5 miles. 

Students who join the 50 and 75 Mile Clubs earn a t-shirt, donated by Lake Chelan Community Hospital, Lake Chelan Community Hospital Foundation and Club Max. 

This week, 5th Grade Student Hanna Lyman was the first student to join our 75 Mile Club, earning both a t-shirt and necklace token.  Congratulations to Hanna!  We look forward to seeing many more Manson Elementary students follow in your footsteps!


Mrs. Sears computer science class was invited by Microsoft to attend the TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) Fair during spring break.

A group of Manson students from the freshman and sophomore classes jumped at the chance.

The trip included a tour of the Microsoft building where all the action happens.