Manson High School students Analexis Manjares and Jasmin Rodriguez recently traveled to Olympia and met with Senator Linda Evans-Parlette, Representatives Brad Hawkins, and Cary Condotta, Secretary of State Kim Wyman and Governor Jay Inslee. The two juniors were accompanied by School Board Director Aurora Flores and Superintendent Matt Charlton.  All attended an educational legislative conference in which school issues are the focus. 

When asked what they had learned from their trip they both were impressed with how approachable their legislators and governor were and how hard people were working to make good decisions for us all.  The beauty of our state capital building and grounds was also a highlight.  The speaker they were most impressed with was Thomas Ahearne, the lead attorney in the “McCleary” Supreme Court case.  His feisty presentation on the continuing failure of the State to meet its “paramount” duty in providing “ample” funding for schools captured their attention.

girls and governor

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