The Manson School District is proud to announce the launch of a new district website. After eight months of design and construction, the district technology coordinator Lori Way said the website is live and looks great.

“We did a lot of research as to what our district needed,” said Way. The website is now hosted by the leader in national school websites, School Wires. “Then we developed the best website for our community.”

When Superintendent Matt Charlton decided to create a new website, he wanted to provide his parents, students and staff a means of communication. “We wanted a new online face of our schools, but we also wanted a communication workhorse that families could rely on for up to date information,” said Charlton.

The website features a quick links button, a gateway to the most popular features like the school calendars, the Skyward grades program, and the daily menu. “The quick links button is my favorite part of the design,” said Way.

The new website also features webpages for each of the educators in the Manson School District. All teachers will be trained on how to customize their own webpages to feature teacher biographies, classes taught, as well as curriculum. “This is a part of communication with our students and families. They want to know what is going on in the classroom,” said Charlton who is working toward having teacher webpages completed by the next school year. “Eventually, teachers can train their students to be the classroom webmaster. This is a skill that students and teachers would benefit from having.”

In creating a better form off communication, Way added a translation feature. On the upper-right corner, a translation toggle provides translation for 11 different languages. “Most people research schools online now. This new website is a great first impression for incoming students and prospective alike.”

For more information or to preview the website visit:

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