FBLA Regional Conference

1st Column– Luca Westfall, Katie Gosvener, Zoe Thomas, Givana Arellano
2nd Column – Bryanna Harris, Thea Batch, Lauren Soliday, Grant & Rex Torgesen
3rd Column – Isabelle Harris, Emely Valencia, Dawson Smith, Esmeralda Estrada

During the month of February, Manson High School FBLA attended the virtual North Central Region FBLA Winter Leadership Conference. The students have been preparing for individual and team competitions in a variety of business events. Nineteen students competed at the conference with students placing in twenty-six events. The following students placed at the conference and will have the opportunity to compete at the virtual Washington State FBLA Leadership Conference in April.

Rex Torgesen – 1st Accounting, 1st Introduction to Financial Math

Grant Torgesen – 1st Business Calculations

Emely Valencia – 2nd Business Communications

Giovanna Arellano – 5th Business Law, 5th Personal Finance

Luca Westfall – 1st Personal Finance, 6th Political Science

Cara Hutton – 1st Publication Design

Raven Pope – 3rd Business Law, 4th Client Services, 4th Job Interview

Esmeralda Estrada – 3rd Client Services

Natalie Sotelo-Solario – 2nd Client Services

Isabelle Harris – 1st Introduction to FBLA, 3rd Job Interview

Dawson Smith – 3rd Introduction to Public Speaking

Kate England – 3rd Marketing

Cara Hutton and Zoe Thomas – 2nd Business Journalism

Grant Torgesen and Jonathan Sarmiento – 1st Digital Video Production

Grant Torgesen and Rex Torgesen – 2nd Graphic Design

Katie Gosvener and Lauren Soliday – 4th Sports & Entertainment Management, 5th Marketing

Thea Batch and Paige Schoenwald – 1st Hospitality & Event Management

Katie Gosvener, Lauren Soliday and Emely Valencia – 3rd Management Decision Making

Thea Batch, Paige Schoenwald and Emely Valencia – 4th Marketing

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