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OLY­MPIA – People use the transportation system in different ways and to better understand how, the Washington State Department of Transportation is shifting its analysis from a print publication to a fully interactive, online dashboard.

WSDOT’s recently released Multimodal Mobility Dashboard delivers annual performance data and multi-year and annual trends for numerous travel modes on select state-owned facilities. Included are user-friendly features that include accessible, interactive data visualizations and maps.

In addition to highway travel information, the dashboard format provides quick access to performance information for areas ranging from public transportation to WSDOT’s Incident Response program while providing in-depth analysis of multimodal freight mobility, Amtrak Cascades, Washington State Ferries, walking and biking as well as from airports statewide.

Currently, data compiled is through 2019. Data for 2020 will be added in the next update, which is currently scheduled for winter 2021. For some measures, daily data from March 2020 through the present is available in WSDOT’s COVID-19 Transportation System Performance Dashboard, which shows the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Washington’s multimodal transportation system. Highlights from the Multimodal Mobility Dashboard include:

  • In 2019, 35.4 billion vehicle miles were traveled on state highways
  • Washington public transportation users took 239.9 million trips in 2019
  • Washington State Ferries carried 24.3 million riders in 2019
  • Amtrak Cascades trains carried 7,100 bicycles in 2019

The Multimodal Mobility Dashboard achieves goals set forth in a 2019 comprehensive engagement process, which helped WSDOT determine how to best meet stakeholder needs for system reporting. The process included interviews with over 130 internal and external stakeholders and made a strong case for moving away from a text-heavy document to a more streamlined, accessible online version that also allows users to download all data and charts in a variety of formats.

Additional information about WSDOT performance reporting, including the new Multimodal Mobility Dashboard, is available on WSDOT’s Accountability webpage.