At 4:03 AM on 6-2-2020, crews from Chelan Fire & Rescue were dispatched to a reported commercial fire alarm activation at 302 E. Woodin Ave. 

Manager on site reported light smoke inside the occupancy and fire crews immediately upgraded the call to a commercial fire. 

Flames and heavy smoke were reported on the roof and fire crews initiated fire attack with aerial (ladder truck) master stream. 

Crews attempted to enter the building but pulled back due to partial collapse of the ceiling and moved into defensive fire operations. 

A third alarm was called bringing additional resources from LCCH EMS, Manson, Orondo, and Entiat to assist with fire suppression operations.  A total of 33 fire personnel and 14 apparatus were used to bring the fire under control at 5:31 AM with no reported injuries. 

Cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

chelan county logoResolution 2020-54 was passed by the Chelan County Commissioners that the designation of the Fire Hazard Level will be Moderate beginning on Monday June 1, 2020.

Beginning on Monday June 1, 2020, open burning will be closed. This includes natural vegetation and yard debris.

Attended recreational campfires are allowed at private residences, hosted campgrounds and at dispersed camping sites in approved “campfire areas”. Have a shovel and water readily available on site to suppress the fire.

“Campfire area” is an outdoor fire-burning area for recreational fires where natural wood materials other than rubbish can be burned. The campfire area must have all combustible material removed down to mineral soil and shall have a containment area of either rock, metal, concrete or any other noncombustible material and shall not be more than thirty-six inches in diameter and twenty-four inches high. All combustible material one and one-half feet surrounding the campfire area shall be removed. Fuel for the recreational residential campfire shall not extend above the edge of the campfire containment area.

No Household trash or garbage shall be burned outdoors at residences at any time.

Burn barrels are illegal and are not permitted.

On 5-27-20 at 6:33 PM Chelan Fire &Rescue crews were dispatched to a reported brush fire in the area of S. Bradley St. and Prospect St.

Calling parties had reported an approximately 10' x 10' had started in medium fuels (grass and brush) near the Butte trail.

Units arrived at 1837 to find that the fire had grown to approximately 20' x 20' and was within 100 ' of structures.

Crews were able to knock down and contained the fire by 6:41 PM, mop up was completed by 7:24 PM.

Cause of this fire was determined to have been juveniles playing with matches.

Chelan Fire & Rescue reminds our community that we are expected to see a busy fire season this year and to please be careful when burning or using heat sources near dry grass.

ChelanFireRescueLogo200Kent Sisson, Chelan-Douglas Regional EOC: Receiving more steady flow of PPE, Dentists are now considered Tier 2. Still no date from state as to when they will start billing for PPE. Received quote on migrant worker camp (6 tents to accommodate 40 people) of $810,000 with earliest arrival of six weeks. Has been sent to County Commissioners. Still receiving complaints from public regarding movement to Phase 2.

Joyous Van Meter, Chelan-Douglas Health District: 77 more cases in Chelan County, 99.7 per 100,000 per capita for Chelan due to increase in case from last week. Discussion regarding data for possible movement into Phase 2.

Laura Schmidt & Kristi Morris, PA-C, Manuel Navarro, Columbia Valley Community Health: Continue to see positive test daily and working with the health districts.

Ana Cerra-Timpone, USFS: We had 3 employees tested. Onboarded 15 employees in Chelan, 20 in Entiat starting on Monday all have been tested and are practicing social distancing. Campgrounds are still closed with hoped of opening by end of June.

Mike Steele, Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce: Still seeing anxiousness about getting business community open. Governor to announce possible movement into Phase 2 for community. Chamber still hosting informative meetings for business community. Started to see more instances of business community opening on their own outside of guidelines which could create possible problems.

Debbie Conwell, Manson Chamber of Commerce: No issues over the Memorial Day Weekend, most people were mindful of social distancing. Still some questions as to what business owners can and cannot.

Wade Farris, City of Chelan: Memorial Day Weekend went off without a hitch, things went very well. Face mask contest update.

Assistant Chief Brandon Asher, CF&R (Chelan): Slower than normal Memorial Day Weekend with the exception of the Union Valley Fire. All personnel are healthy, continuing to maintain training with current social distancing guidelines.

Reports from Leadership Team Members Not present:

Ray Eickmeyer – LCCH Hospital & EMS

1. We are still seeing positive Covid patients - so the virus is still here

2. We are working with others  (hospitals & Public Health) to do a community Covid Testing Plan

3. Our Covid testing results are now received in 24 hours.

4. Memorial Day weekend recap- it was fairly slow- 18 calls (911 and transfers)

5. LCCH is doing surgery and diagnostic testing

6. LCC (clinic) is fully open and doing Covid testing, people can still do telemedicine

visits too.

Roundtable: Nothing added.

ChelanFireRescueLogo200On Saturday, 5/23/20 at 2:18 PM, Chelan Fire & Rescue crews were dispatched to a brush fire at 644 Union Valley Road.

Units enroute reported a large smoke column and immediately called for second alarm resources.

On scene fire crews reported an approximately 1-acre fire rapidly moving uphill in medium fuels of brush and grass.  

Due to topography and lack of access, fire crews were unable to access the fire with apparatus and attempted control with hand teams.  

Third alarm resources were dispatched which brought mutual aid units from Manson (CCFD #5), Orondo (DCFD #4), Pateros (OKDFD #15), and the DNR as well as helicopter resources.  A total of 60 firefighting personnel were able to contain the fire at 6:59 PM and the scene was turned over to Entiat Hotshots and DNR for mop up.

The final estimate on the size of the fire was approximately 30 acres with no personnel injured and no structures lost.

The cause of this fire was determined to be from controlled burning that had jumped the burn due to wind.

ChelanFireRescueLogo200Kent Sisson, Chelan-Douglas Regional EOC: Still working on contracting additional farm worker housing due to influx of workers into the community. PPE is still an issue, more non-Tier 1 agencies (dentists, agricultural workers) being added to Regional EOC resource increasing demand for PPE. Doesn’t see any availability for Tier 2-4 agencies in the near future.

Joyous Van Meter, Chelan-Douglas Health District: 291 total positive cases in Chelan-Douglas county with highest weekly increase this past week. Scattered clusters of positive cases. Chelan-Douglas Health District proposal for 1.5 submitted to the State and denied because we are not eligible for moving into this phase. Explained case tracing. Answered question regarding increase in positive cases due to either increase in test kits and/or more symptomatic patients.

Sgt. Chris Foreman, Chelan County Sheriff’s Office: Continuing to move towards staffing for Memorial Day Weekend. Has obtained one sign for public awareness. Anticipating normal daytime call/responses but more “home-based” calls at night due to the closing of bars/restaurants.

Laura Schmidt & Kristi Morris, PA-C, Columbia Valley Community Health: Nothing new to report this week.

Kari Grover-Weir, USFS: Forestry service bringing summer personnel on board, working on cleaning and infection control procedures. Day use site will be open for Memorial Weekend, campgrounds are closed until June 1.

Debbie Conwell, Manson Chamber of Commerce: Nothing new to report this week.

Jim Colbert, Chelan Fruit: 1st week without a positive case in Chelan Fruit. Working on OHSA and DOH worker housing rules and implementation into workforce community.

Mayor Bob Goedde, Mayor of City Chelan: Working towards safely getting business community open and encouraging infection control practices with visitors and community. Concerns with potential influx of visitors

Wade Farris, City of Chelan: City Parks remain open through Memorial Day Weekend with additional security added to safely keep the parks open and during closure periods. Statement will be forthcoming from City in next couple of days.

Chief Arnold Baker, CCFD #5 (Manson): Nothing new to report this week.

Chief Mark Donnell, CF&R (Chelan): 2 members needing testing: 1 negative, 1 waiting results. Making preparations for Memorial Day Weekend.

Updates from Members Not in Attendance:

Mike Steele, Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce:

  1. Together Lake Chelan Signs are now available for pick up

  2. The Chelan and Douglas County Commissioners, State Delegation, Regional Chambers and Downtown Associations have all sent a letter to the Governor to move into Phase 2 immediately. We learned this morning that the request for a variance was denied by the Sec. of Health.

  3. The Chamber will be releasing guidelines on how to safely re-open businesses in the valley by the end of this week

  4. The Port Authority for Chelan and Douglas County have just announced a series of grants for business in the two-county area to apply for. The total amount for the grants are up to $1000 per business with all grants not to exceed $200k.

Roundtable: Mayor recommended a mask design contest for Chelan to increase mask use. Media agreed to post on their respective platforms to get the contest rolling.


Conference Call ended at 1348


Chelan Fire and Rescue
Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 3:00 P.M.
232 East Wapato, Chelan, WA

The CFR Board of Commissioners will conduct the meeting via google hangout. The public is welcome to listen to the open public meeting by calling #351-888-7591 no access code is needed.

Proposed Chelan Fire and Rescue agenda pending Board approval.

Flag Salute:
Regular Meeting Call to Order:
Approve Agenda:
Public Comment: Public comments will be accepted at this meeting. If you wish to comment during the public comment please email Chief Mark Donnell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 509-682-4476. Chelan Fire & Rescue will require a written statement for the record of all public comments made.
Consent Agenda:
• Revenue and Expenditure Report: March and April 2020
• Payroll: April 1-31 Paid 05-05-2020 $124,285.24
• Vouchers: General Account #746365- 746405 $36,691.15
• Vouchers: Capital Account #746377 -746378 $381.65
• Minutes: April 15, 2020
Fire Chief Report:
• 2020 Budget & Financial Report
• Emergency Response Report / Operations / Community Risk Reduction
Assistant Chief Report:
• Volunteer Recruitment & Retention / Training
Firefighters Association Report:
Unfinished Business:
• Long Range Planning
• Incident 2020-129 Illegal Burning Billing
• Incident 2020-186 and 2020-190: Out of District Brush Fire Response Billing/Annexation Invitation
New Business:
• Resolution 2020-Surplus of Matco Determinator Scan Tool
Special Events:
• May 30, 2020 0900: WFCA Webinar – Roles, Personnel, Duties, and Finances Class with Attorney Brian Snure
• June 6, 2020 0900: WFCA Webinar – Open Public Meetings and Open Public Meetings Records Class with Attorney Brian Snure
Board for Volunteer Firefighters:
Public Comment:
Commissioner Comments:
Executive Session:

ChelanFireRescueLogo200Kent Sisson, Chelan-Douglas Regional EOC: Additional testing at other agricultural sites showing no positive cases, some additional testing in 3 county area. Regional EOC still working with State EOC on action plan for equitable distribution of test kits. Concerns regarding violations of governor’s and county commissioner orders regarding stay at home, most handled with education.

Joyous Van Meter, Chelan-Douglas Health District: Still working on testing of targeted populations with some increase of local numbers for the district this past week. Still indicate that it might still be early to tell if we are starting to level off in our area. Contact tracing is giving us better information on Covid testing

Laura Schmidt, Columbia Valley Community Health: Working to restore face to face appointments and continuing to use telemedicine. Focus is on how to provide all appointment types delivered previously. Working on contact tracing in conjunction with Chelan-Douglas Health District for patients assigned to through CVCH, using cross-trained and available staff.

Kari Grover-Weir, USFS: Working on educating public regarding use of forest service lands/parks and following state guidelines which are a little more stringent than USFS. Still working on fire response and implementing social distancing and infection control compliance.

Jim Colbert, Chelan Fruit: WEBEX held with partner agricultural housing sites to give updates on infection control measures and providing safe work sites. Concern with upcoming cherry harvest due to worker density in production.

Wade Farris, City of Chelan: Still getting the message out regarding stay at home and discouraging outside visitors from coming in the visit/stay. Will publish the dedicated Sheriff’s number for reporting violators on city website (509-667-6985.)

Chief Mike Asher, CCFD #8 (Entiat): One possible Covid-19 patient over the past week, sufficient PPE at this time.

Assistant Chief Brandon Asher, CF&R (Chelan): Still experiencing slower than normal call volumes, specifically EMS related calls. Finishing up annual wildland refresher training in preparation for fire season. PPE issues sufficient except for gowns.

Updates from Members Not in Attendance:

Ray Eickmeyer, LCCH & LCCH EMS 

  1. LCCHC continues to test and see patients. We still don't have enough test kits to test the community like we want to, we are not sure if this will ever be a possibility.

  1. LCCHC are seeing people not seeking healthcare in a timely fashion because of not wanting to burden the hospital/clinic or leave the home, we strongly encourage you to seek healthcare early if you don't feel well or there's a concern. We don't want your medical condition to worsen. We have worked hard to make sure our facilities are safe to be seen at without being exposed to Covid-19.

  1. LCCHC continues to send out messages to the community with a phone survey called WANDA. Please know this is not a scam. We have had a 50% response rate to the survey and have survey over 400 people. We are getting reports from this survey a few people with Covid19 symptoms, the Community Paramedicine Program is following-up with all of these people to help them.

Matt Charlton, Manson School District:

  1. Manson meals serve will cross over 25,000 this week.

  1. Continuing to offer distance learning program for students. Devices in hands of students who need them grades 4-12.

  1. Working on options for graduation/senior recognition.

  1. Internet access progress, received thirty T-mobile hotspots which are being distributed. Local Tel and PUD are installing five locations in the community we requested based on high needs of students

*Needs = Masks for employees providing delivery service to students. We could use masks,

thermometers and hand sanitizer…if sufficient supplies for medical needs are getting met.

Mike Steele & Erin McCardle, Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce/HCDA:

  1. The HDCA announced the launch of a $100K microloan program – applications will be accepted starting May 1.  Information can be found on

  1. Flower baskets were delivered earlier this year (that’s why they look a little smaller than normal) but we wanted to throw a little color downtown and hopefully inspire some hope.

  1. Businesses are starting to communication their uneasiness of HOW they will be able to open and what guidelines will be required… Will they only be allowed to let a certain number of people enter their business at a time, how do you keep retail items/books/etc. clean after people have touched them, will businesses need to install plexiglass walls at their POS, etc. (I’d love any thoughts from Barry or Kent on whether they’ve seen or been part of any conversation about what opening restaurants and retail might look like – to help with our businesses planning.)

Roundtable: Food drive to bring food and cash donations to Chelan Valley Food Bank/Chelan Valley Food Bank ends tomorrow.

Food donations being accepted at Chelan Fire & Rescue (Station 71). Northshore Bible Church (Manson), and LCC Hospital and Clinics (various locations) Cash/check donations can be sent to the Chelan Valley Food Bank, P.O. Box 2684, Chelan, WA 98816.

2020 CFR Seasonal Firefigh

Firefighter/EMT Stephanie Preheim and Firefighter/EMT Mitchell Matthews will be joining the Chelan Fire & Rescue Team as seasonal firefighters for the 2020 Fire Season.

The addition of these two seasonal employees will give our community the additional staffing needed to accommodate the seasonal call volume increase during our daily peak operating periods.

Both Stephanie and Mitch are active members within the Chelan Fire & Rescue organization and have been filling available stipend shifts working as a third firefighter over the past several months.

Stephanie and Mitchell also have their IFSAC Firefighter I/II and Hazmat Operations and Wildland Firefighter Type 1 or 2 certifications in addition to being credentialed Washington State Emergency Medical Technicians.  These are nationally recognized certifications which are added benefits to the organization and the community we serve.

The seasonal firefighter positions are being funded within our 2020 budget using funds that were allocated for our current firefighter stipend program.

The seasonal firefighters will start May 1st and complement our daily staffing working alongside our career and volunteer members in providing service to the community. Welcome Aboard Firefighters Preheim and Matthews!

ChelanFireRescueLogo200Summary of the April 9, 2020 Leadership Response Team Conference Call

Submitted by: Mark Donnell, Chelan Fire & Rescue

Kent Sisson, Chelan-Douglas Regional EOC: Kent restated continued frustration from inability to obtain PPE (personal protective equipment) through the State due to changing guidelines and lack of coordination. Chelan county did receive needed ventilators and were able to return 40 back to the state due to lower-than-expected patient counts. Kent stated that he believed our latest PPE order might bring in some needed PPE but that long-term care facilities have been moved into the Tier 1 category which will impact the EOC’s ability to distribute surgical masks which are in low supply numbers.

Kent stated that the Sheriff’s Office was working with property owners regarding the recent declaration from the Chelan County Commissioners regarding vacation rentals and using education strategies before implementing enforcement.

Kent reinforced the need for the community to keep our focus on social distancing and the need for all essential services to focus on those infection control measures as it appears to be having a positive effect in controlling this current outbreak.

Barry Kling, Chelan-Douglas Health District: Answered questions regarding the number of patients testing positive in the Chelan/Manson area and referred to current information posted on the Chelan-Douglas Health District website:

Barry was also asked about the drive-through testing process in place at Confluence Health and whether or not patients tested were given instructions about self-isolation until test results were returned. He was able to get an answer from Confluence during the conference call and it was affirmed that patient instructions were being given for those being tested.

Barry also offered to work with Kristi Morris form Columbia Valley Community Health to reach out to the Okanogan County Health District to assist in infection control measures to packing facilities in Okanogan County.

Barry reiterated that even with all of the news coming from Washington State that we may be at or near the top of the infection curve, it is extremely important to keep our social distancing processes in place for our area, as the eastern part of the state is about 1 to 2 weeks behind the curve for the Puget Sound. We need to keep sending the message out to our community about staying home, maintaining social distancing, and practicing effective infection control as these things appear to be working.

Chris Foreman, Chelan County Sheriff’s Office: Reiterated that patrol officers are working more towards educating the public regarding essential businesses and the vacation rental declaration rather than enforcement. Chelan County Sheriff has a dedicated number 509-667-6985 for the community to report violators with one deputy assigned to this task

Kristi Morris, Columbia Valley Community Health: Stated that they currently have 5 patients who have tested positive and 9 patients with results pending.

Kari Grover-Weir, USFS: USFS is starting to staff up for the upcoming fire season while working within the confinements mandated with social distancing. Mike Asher (CCFD #8 – Entiat) inquired whether or not the USFS was moving towards an earlier implementation of the seasonal burn ban similar to those released today by DNR. No decision is in place at this time.

Mike Steele, Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce: Gave updates from the business community in regards to unemployment benefits and the business community grant program. Currently over 200 businesses in Chelan County have applied with participation from business owners in the Chelan and Manson communities. Mike also stated that many in the business community are concerned about the recovery of business in our area and the possibility of what social distancing might need to be implemented when this current situation is over.

Mike gave an update on residential construction being an essential service and what the definition and guidelines for this would look like. There are a number of municipalities and counties looking at reviewing this issue and making recommendations for changing the current designation.

Mike also recommended adding the CEO from Chelan Fruit to the Leadership Response Team as a resource for working with the growers in the area, for purposes of educating and enforcing social distancing and infection control measures to safeguard worker health.

Debbie Conwell, Manson Chamber of Commerce: Gave a brief update on the community support program for Manson.

Bob Goedde, City of Chelan: City of Chelan and its citizens must follow this directive the Chelan County Declaration on short term rentals as we are in Chelan County and fall under their jurisdiction on this issue. The city is also seeking clarification on owners of second homes and where to shelter in place. There have been concerns from the community that people who own second homes are travelling back and forth and not sheltering in place as is the intent of the current stay-at-home policy

Mike Asher, Chelan County Fire District 8 (Entiat): CCFD # 8 has sufficient stock of PPE to handle current call volumes. Is concerned about the impact that current social distancing will have on partner agencies’ ability to respond for a potential busier-than-normal fire season. Fire Chief Mark Donnell spoke to the conversation he had with Bob Plumb (Chelan County Fire Marshal) about the possibility of starting the burn ban earlier this year (May 1st). Mr. Plumb indicated that he was working with the county commissioners and fire chiefs in coordination with the County Director of Community Development to put this in place.

Brandon Asher, Chelan Fire & Rescue: Updated team on recently implemented infection control measures put in place at Station 71. PPE stock is sufficient although disposable gowns and surgical masks are at critical lows. EMS call numbers for March are down but CF&R has had 19 fire or fire-related events since March 1st. All predictions are that we will be experiencing a busier-than-normal fire season.