Commissioners in Attendance: Russ Jones, Phil Moller and Jay Witherbee.
Staff in Attendance: Mark Donnell, Brandon Asher and Carol Kibler
Others in Attendance: see sign in sheet

Chairman Jones announced the Flag Salute and Call to Order at 3:00 p.m.

Approve Agenda: Commissioner Moller MOTIONED to APPROVE the agenda as submitted the MOTION CARRIED.

Public Comment: None
Consent Agenda: Commissioner Moller MOTIONED to APPROVE the consent agenda as submitted the MOTION CARRIED.
• Revenue and Expenditure Report: June and July 2019
• Payroll: $252,344.23 July 1-31, 2019 Paid: 08-05-2019
• Vouchers for July 1-31, 2019 General Account: Vouchers #870 – 876 for $5,416.41; Vouchers #18974 – 18992 for $6,595.31; Vouchers #915 – 931 for $7,920.69; Vouchers #19014 – 19023 for $7,964.76.
• Vouchers for July 1-31, 2019 Capital Account: Vouchers #877 for $5,096.22; Vouchers #932-935 for $49,664.08; Vouchers #17094 – 17096 for $3,276.87.
• Minutes: July 17 and July 23, 2019
Fire Chief Report:
Chief Donnell reported the budget is right on track. We will see an increase in wages due to overtime hours during the summer months to cover weekend shifts and this will decrease at the end of summer. Chief Lemon’s close out wages will not be reflected in the budget until August statements are balanced.
Chief Donnell reported he spoke with County Assessor Deanna Walters and we will have a decrease of $15,737.86 due to Campbell’s Resort negotiating their property tax rate. The funds will be refunded in 2020.

Emergency Response Report: Chief Donnell reported we responded to 117 calls for service during the month of July. The call volume is down this summer, we hope to get through fire season as we still have 4-6 weeks left. Year to date we will maintain the 900-incident call volume. Chief Donnell reviewed the breakdown. Chief Donnell reviewed the response times.

Chief Donnell reported he returned Sunday from the National Fire Academy. The class he attended last week was Executive Chief Officer. It was great training and he learned lots. Fire Chiefs from around the country attended the class. Chief Donnell found that all across the country fire departments are having the same issues as we are; funding, staffing, volunteer recruitment and retention are challenges all fire chiefs are trying to find improvements and lessen the impacts to their communities due to the challenges we are all facing.

Assistant Chief of Volunteer Services:
• Volunteer Recruitment & Retention / Training:
Assistant Chief Asher reported the recruitment side of things, we continue to receive volunteer applicants: Meagan Zeman, Mitch Matthews, Entiat - Mike Meeks, Jake Lane and Orondo - Henry Foster.
Assistant Chief Asher reported he is in review of finding ways to keep new recruits engaged.
Assistant Chief Asher reported we will start advertising for new recruitment in October and the recruit class is schedule for January.
Assistant Chief Asher reported we had two volunteer recruits resign: Spenser Oberfelder and Megan Koster.
Assistant Chief Asher reported he gave an orientation presentation to station 72 volunteers regarding the volunteer stipend program.
Assistant Chief Asher reported the stipend coverage is at 54% coverage for the month of August and we have scheduled 53% coverage for September.

Assistant Chief Asher reported a grant funded drill; MCI Disaster Drill with a hazmat release is scheduled.
Assistant Chief Asher reported he has been working on boat training – had a few responses in the past few weeks.
Assistant Chief Asher reported he is drafting the ladder truck check off sheet, and training the crews and volunteers on the formal check offs.
Assistant Chief Asher reported Rope Rescue training is scheduled and we have 3 rope techs that will train in Wenatchee with Chelan County Fire District 1 technicians. The training will take place at the Wenatchee foot bridge.
Assistant Chief Asher reported that in November we are hosting a Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations. This training will help in making a scene flow smoothly, target audience is our LT’s and we are offering the training to other departments for those officers who would run an incident.

Firefighters Association Report:
President Dan Crandall reported a beginning balance of $17,428.00 and ending of $17,735.00 the parade truck will need waxing, we have scheduled a session and will need volunteers to help.
President Dan Crandall reported Sup-Cup by Windermere was a success. Our Rescue boat participated; Jim Belch and Judy Johnson manned the boat. Thank you and great job!
President Dan Crandall reported people could see the boat and appreciates the protection given for the people who participated.
President Dan Crandall reported the Fire Light Gala is scheduled for October 19, 2019, Saturday at Sorrento’s Restaurant the Association and Auxiliary are getting out and receiving auction items for the silent auction.
President Dan Crandall reported the Association will do a fund raiser introducing a 2020 calendar with firefighters and their pet(s). The hope is this will have lots of interest.
President Dan Crandall reported on donations: Long time residences of Chelan recently move to Twisp and lost the home to fire. The Association donated $500 and a gift card of $500.
President Dan Crandall reported “Back to School Fair” was a success giving out fire prevention safety tips and supplies, thank you to those who participated.
President Dan Crandall reported the Association donated $500 to Manson Swim Program, which will give free swimming lesson to people who live in the community.

Unfinished Business:
• New Hire – Probationary Firefighter: Chief Donnell reported a conditional offer was given to Samantha Rains and she is scheduled to start September 5, 2019 pending physical exam.
• Annexation: Chief Donnell reported the process is moving along smoothly, annexation notice signs have been posted and the public hearing is scheduled for the next Commissioner meeting in September. If all goes well, and the commissioners approve the annexation resolution, we will submit to County Assessor the properties to be annexed into the district with taxes collected in 2020.
• Billing for Illegal fire responses: Chief Donnell reported the other fire departments do not bill for illegal fire responses. They rely on the County Sherriff or Department of Ecology to enforce and ticket.
• Chief Donnell will approach NCWFCC to find out if any of the fire chiefs are interested in reviewing the billing of illegal burns as a regional effort.

Chief Donnell reported that the SCBA grant amendment for the compressor and items was rejected due to leaving 7,082 on the table not spent. Chief Donnell reported we have items related to the grant that we can add to the amendment and spend the remaining $7,082.00.

New Business:
• Resolution 2019-04 Surplus Items: Chief Donnell identified the items.
• Commissioner Witherbee MOTIONED to APPROVE the Resolution 2019-04 as submitted, second by Commissioner Moller.
• 2020 Budget: Chief Donnell reported he has tasked staff to review the budget and plan for 2020 budget period. Chief Donnell will start to forward 2020 budget information to the commissioners for review. The 2020 budget and resolutions will need to be approved by the November meeting.
• Emergency Response Report: Chief Donnell reported data is only as good as the input. Chief Donnell would like the commissioners to consider what type of data they would like to review. Chief Donnell will draft an emergency response report data report of information that is critical to our needs for the board to review at the next meeting.
• NCWFFCA Mutual Aid Agreement: Chief Donnell reported the agreement addition include t-cards, all agencies have agreed we will need signatures to approve it.

Chairman Jones announced Mark Donnell is officially the Interim Fire Chief as of August 1, 2019.

Special Event:
September 5-8 is the Sailing Regatta
September 7 – Manson Swim is coordinating an Event
September 11 - 911 memorial in Cashmere
September is emergency preparedness month
September 21 – Safety Fair – Station 71 from 10-2

Board for Volunteer Firefighters: nothing

Public Comment:
Thank you to Commissioner Witherbee for donating fitness equipment to the fire department.

Commissioner Comments: No action to be taken.

Executive Session: None

Adjournment: There was no more business before the board the meeting closed at 4:10 p.m.

Chelan County Fire District 7
Board of Commissioners: