ChelanFireRescueLogo200Kent Sisson, Chelan-Douglas Regional EOC: Additional testing at other agricultural sites showing no positive cases, some additional testing in 3 county area. Regional EOC still working with State EOC on action plan for equitable distribution of test kits. Concerns regarding violations of governor’s and county commissioner orders regarding stay at home, most handled with education.

Joyous Van Meter, Chelan-Douglas Health District: Still working on testing of targeted populations with some increase of local numbers for the district this past week. Still indicate that it might still be early to tell if we are starting to level off in our area. Contact tracing is giving us better information on Covid testing

Laura Schmidt, Columbia Valley Community Health: Working to restore face to face appointments and continuing to use telemedicine. Focus is on how to provide all appointment types delivered previously. Working on contact tracing in conjunction with Chelan-Douglas Health District for patients assigned to through CVCH, using cross-trained and available staff.

Kari Grover-Weir, USFS: Working on educating public regarding use of forest service lands/parks and following state guidelines which are a little more stringent than USFS. Still working on fire response and implementing social distancing and infection control compliance.

Jim Colbert, Chelan Fruit: WEBEX held with partner agricultural housing sites to give updates on infection control measures and providing safe work sites. Concern with upcoming cherry harvest due to worker density in production.

Wade Farris, City of Chelan: Still getting the message out regarding stay at home and discouraging outside visitors from coming in the visit/stay. Will publish the dedicated Sheriff’s number for reporting violators on city website (509-667-6985.)

Chief Mike Asher, CCFD #8 (Entiat): One possible Covid-19 patient over the past week, sufficient PPE at this time.

Assistant Chief Brandon Asher, CF&R (Chelan): Still experiencing slower than normal call volumes, specifically EMS related calls. Finishing up annual wildland refresher training in preparation for fire season. PPE issues sufficient except for gowns.

Updates from Members Not in Attendance:

Ray Eickmeyer, LCCH & LCCH EMS 

  1. LCCHC continues to test and see patients. We still don't have enough test kits to test the community like we want to, we are not sure if this will ever be a possibility.

  1. LCCHC are seeing people not seeking healthcare in a timely fashion because of not wanting to burden the hospital/clinic or leave the home, we strongly encourage you to seek healthcare early if you don't feel well or there's a concern. We don't want your medical condition to worsen. We have worked hard to make sure our facilities are safe to be seen at without being exposed to Covid-19.

  1. LCCHC continues to send out messages to the community with a phone survey called WANDA. Please know this is not a scam. We have had a 50% response rate to the survey and have survey over 400 people. We are getting reports from this survey a few people with Covid19 symptoms, the Community Paramedicine Program is following-up with all of these people to help them.

Matt Charlton, Manson School District:

  1. Manson meals serve will cross over 25,000 this week.

  1. Continuing to offer distance learning program for students. Devices in hands of students who need them grades 4-12.

  1. Working on options for graduation/senior recognition.

  1. Internet access progress, received thirty T-mobile hotspots which are being distributed. Local Tel and PUD are installing five locations in the community we requested based on high needs of students

*Needs = Masks for employees providing delivery service to students. We could use masks,

thermometers and hand sanitizer…if sufficient supplies for medical needs are getting met.

Mike Steele & Erin McCardle, Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce/HCDA:

  1. The HDCA announced the launch of a $100K microloan program – applications will be accepted starting May 1.  Information can be found on

  1. Flower baskets were delivered earlier this year (that’s why they look a little smaller than normal) but we wanted to throw a little color downtown and hopefully inspire some hope.

  1. Businesses are starting to communication their uneasiness of HOW they will be able to open and what guidelines will be required… Will they only be allowed to let a certain number of people enter their business at a time, how do you keep retail items/books/etc. clean after people have touched them, will businesses need to install plexiglass walls at their POS, etc. (I’d love any thoughts from Barry or Kent on whether they’ve seen or been part of any conversation about what opening restaurants and retail might look like – to help with our businesses planning.)

Roundtable: Food drive to bring food and cash donations to Chelan Valley Food Bank/Chelan Valley Food Bank ends tomorrow.

Food donations being accepted at Chelan Fire & Rescue (Station 71). Northshore Bible Church (Manson), and LCC Hospital and Clinics (various locations) Cash/check donations can be sent to the Chelan Valley Food Bank, P.O. Box 2684, Chelan, WA 98816.

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