ChelanFireRescueLogo200Joyous Van Meter, Chelan-Douglas Health District: 1045 total cases, 627 for Chelan county, 259 cases in last 14 days. Hospitalizations are also up, 23 total Covid patients in county hospitals. Continuing education and outreach to the community emphasis on mask wearing. Question regarding asymptomatic patients and exposure, exposure of 5-9 days. Question regarding spike in positive cases likely due to prevalence and re-opening.

Ray Eickmeyer, LCCH EMS: Hospital is using its surge beds now, getting busier with patient admission. Hoping to implement more in-home monitoring of patients with Wanda Healthcare and the Community Paramedicine Program starting in August.

Debbie Conwell, Manson Chamber of Commerce: Knows that some business owners received warnings about outside concerts. Stated some businesses had higher than normal July 4th weekend business volumes.

Jim Colbert, Chelan Fruit: Reported no positive cases in workforce with 7-10 days of cherry packing season left.

Chief Mark Donnell, CF&R (Chelan): All personnel are healthy, PPE levels are at adequate levels.

Updates from Members not Present:

Kari Grover-Weir, USFS:
Please share this update from the Chelan and Entiat RDs:
• One of our Engine crews (4 firefighters) on assignment in Arizona has tested positive for COVID-19. One of the crew members reported a loss of taste, so they all got tested.  Currently, the whole crew is in isolation in AZ, for the 10 days of isolation after a positive test before they travel home. All of the crew members are currently asymptomatic including the one that first reported a loss of taste.  The engine crew has been doing daily screenings and none of them ever registered a fever or had any other significant symptoms.  Some symptoms could have been missed due to allergies and acclimating to a higher elevation and hotter climate while performing firefighter duties.  The health department in Arizona is in contact with the Chelan-Douglas health district here.  It is difficult to determine if the crew was exposed in WA, on their route to AZ or in AZ.  They have been very careful.
• We continue to monitor our employees, and test when needed.  We have not yet had any positive COVID cases locally, but have had several employees tested.
• Following our national guidance and as COVID cases continue to rise, we will not be opening our offices to visitors yet.  However, we are still available M-F by phone 509-682-4900 to answer questions or arrange for the purchase of permits and passes.
• No wildfires on National Forest land in the last two weeks, but our crews worked on the Road 11 fire in Mansfield and the Sunset Fire in Wenatchee, as well as other fires when assistance was needed.
• We are updating our fire information list and will be doing more virtual fire information if/when we have local wildfires. this will be a frequent (likely daily) email with the fire information report that you typically see posted around town during fire season.  If you would like to be on the contact/email list for fire information this summer, please send Kari an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Most of you are probably already on our list, but go ahead and send Kari an email to be sure.  We are asking for folks to post and share the fire information when you receive it.
• Recreation use on the national forest continues to be way more than normal.  Our employees are saying “it’s like 4th of July every weekend”.  Lots of garbage being left both in campgrounds and out in the woods, some places worse than others.   Some abandoned campfires as well.
• Campfire restrictions are considered every week based on forest conditions and will likely be put in place soon.
• We still have a mask-donned Smokey in front of the Chelan Ranger Station to encourage mask wearing, though we keep having to replace the mask as it gets removed – hopefully someone just needs a mask! : )
• Thanks to each of you for all the work you are doing for our community. Please reach out to Kari if you have any questions regarding the Forest Service.

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