ChelanFireRescueLogo200Virtual Open Public Meeting for discussion on the Proposed 2021 Budget.  This meeting will be held:

Chelan Fire & Rescue Proposed 2021 Budget Virtual Public Meeting

Monday, November 9, 2020

6:00 PM via Zoom Meetings (link for this meeting to follow.)

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the proposed 2021 Budget and gather input from the community served by the Fire District.  This meeting will help the Board of Commissioner in determining the best service model for the community as well as the funding needed to maintain this service for 2021 and beyond.

Please find below links to the 2021 DRAFT Budget Proposal along the 2020-2026 Budget Worksheets, Apparatus Replacement Schedule and Capital Replacement Schedule that we are using as we work through our 2021 Budget process.  The revenue figures listed in the 2021 DRAFT Budget Proposal and on the 2020-2026 are the current numbers given to us by the Chelan County Assessor’s Office for 2021 and are what we can expect for revenue coming into the district for maintaining our operations.  Explanations for the attached worksheets are as follow:

  1. The 2021 with 2022 DRAFT Budget Proposal is our proposed operating budget for 2021 with explanations of the revenue and expense categories.  Each expense category will list our 2020 Budget amounts as well as the anticipated 2022 Budget amounts.
  2. The 2020-2026 Budget Worksheets are used as a forecasting tool showing our estimated revenues and expenses for a 5 year period.  This worksheet allows us to make our best guess at what our future revenues will be and what our future operating costs will look like.  The information in these worksheets includes our estimated capital expenses as listed on the attached Capital Replacement Schedule but does not include any Apparatus Replacement expenses.
  3. The Apparatus and Capital Replacement Schedules are forecasting tools that allow us to determine the money we need to set aside (transfer to our Capital Reserve Investment account) in order replace apparatus and equipment or take care of necessary repairs or replacement of hard assets.
  4. One item to note, budgeting and forecasting is a dynamic process and will be updated as we work through the 2021 Budget process.


2021 DRAFT Budget Proposal

2020-2026 Budget Worksheets

Apparatus Replacement Schedule

Capital Replacement Schedule

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