WASHINGTON-BASED organic farm Diamondback Acres is taking strides to cut plastic pollution by moving to compostable packaging.

Diamondback Acres in Lake Chelan, Washington, has been farming organic produce since 1991. Bill and Angell Clark, the farm’s owners, have put sustainability at the heart of the business for more than 30 years. They distribute produce direct to consumers online at to minimise emissions through transport.

The Clarks focus on quality over quantity, and the farm is set in 200 acres of land producing the highest quality organic apples, cherries, and blueberries on the market.

In a bid to combat plastic waste, Diamondback Acres has partnered with TIPA Compostable Packaging to package its organic cherries in TIPA’s certified home-compostable zipper bags.

By moving to compostable zipper bags the farm has reduced its use of plastic by 3000 pounds in the first year.

TIPA’s compostable zipper bags perform like conventional plastic but can be disposed of using existing composting infrastructure including home compost bins, leaving no waste behind.

Not only does compostable packaging reduce plastic pollution, it also helps maintain farm-to-table freshness and is proven to increase the shelf-life of fresh produce by up to two times. This helps to minimise food waste – a major contributor to carbon emissions.

Washington state has committed to reducing its plastic footprint, banning single-use plastic bags effective on October 1 2021. The state signed the 2021 Plastics Law in May this year to be phased in over the coming decade aimed at reducing single-use plastic.

Bill and Angell Clark say their goal is to set an example for grocery giants to follow in their eco-friendly footsteps.

Bill Clark, Diamondback Acres owner said: “For almost 30 years we have worked hard to produce the finest organic produce, passionately believing in the practice for the environment, the soil, our workers and ultimately the consumer.”

“We’re extremely excited to be working with TIPA to supply our cherries in its compostable zipper bags, allowing us to help reduce plastic and food waste. We strongly believe that if smaller companies make these small changes, we can make huge strides to protect the planet and encourage the bigger producers to do the same.”

Michael Waas, Vice President of North America at TIPA, said: “We are delighted to be helping Diamondback Acres continue their drive for sustainability by supplying them with compostable bags for their cherries. The farm is an example of a small business showing how to lead on sustainability, and we are excited to help them take this further with our packaging solutions.”

About TIPA®

Inspired by nature, TIPA®'s compostable packaging solutions are designed to break down within months under compost conditions just like any organic matter.

TIPA® packaging provides solutions for the food and fashion industries, and is built to fit existing machinery and supply chains.

The company’s packaging solutions are currently being implemented worldwide by leading global brands in Europe, Australia, and the US.

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About Diamondback Acres

Bill and Angell Clark started their farm in 1991.

The family later launched Chelan Beauty®, a farmer-owned company and brand name for their farm and store.

Diamondback Acres believes that organic farming should come before popularity or profitability. The farm cultivates organic produce such as apples, cherries and blueberries.

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manson grange logo
Join members of the Manson Grange for their monthly meeting on Tuesday - September 28 at 7:00 pm at the Grange Hall. We will learn about our new website and receive reports from the Marketing and Rental Committees.
This would be a great time for you to learn more about the Manson Grange, how to become a member and volunteer opportunities. 
Please share with those in your network that may have an interest in the Grange.


STEM program for high school Juniors earns college credits

SEATTLE, Sept. 20, 2021—Applications are being accepted through Oct. 17 for the 2021-2022 class in the Museum’s Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS) program. This STEM program is open to Washington state high school juniors, and participants have the option to earn five science credits from the University of Washington. WAS provides lessons in Earth and Space Science and NASA history, and offers interaction with STEM industry professionals, hands-on engineering activities, and a national alumni network that tracks student progress from high school until after college graduation.

Over 70 percent of the 1791 college-aged WAS alumni are currently involved in a STEM college or career pathway. 

Phase 1 of WAS is offered online for free, enabling students throughout Washington state to participate. During the Phase 2 summer program participants have a six-day residency at The Museum of Flight, where they work in teams to plan a human mission to Mars. Students also tour local aerospace companies including Boeing and Blue Origin. 

“WAS has allowed me to join and add to a community unlike any other that I’ve previously been exposed to,” said one WAS graduate, “I’ve gained leadership experience, communication skills, and a renewed appreciation for engineering, innovation, and space research.” 

Applications for the 2021-22 WAS class are available now at   

buckner barebones
Photos by Leo Christoffer
Bare Bones It Will Be
Harvest Fest has all but dwindled away.  Or, to quote Simon and Garfunkel, "slip sliding away, the nearer your destination .. BUT. we are making the very best of what we have, given the pandemic, and will quietly celebrate and enjoy another fine crop at the Historic Buckner Orchard!
We no longer have the band for Friday night, and Poetry Night has already been canceled.  This leaves a pared-down weekend of picking and pressing, which is a go!!
October 1 - 3
8:00 AM to 6 PM
To make it as easy as possible for visitors to pick and make cider, the following will be provided these three days. 
   Picking bags and  ladders, 
   cider presses, 
   bins, funnels and sieves, 
   hand washing stations, 
   cutting boards  and knives, and other needed materials
   Cleaning supplies
   Bottles and boxes, though you may wish to bring your own containers, as there is a limited supply.  
The Foundation will provide the materials above to make it possible for visitors to drop in when convenient to pick and press.  This, hopefully, will spread people out time wise and make it easier to socially distance.  No food or beverages will be provided.  
Only the presses and the cleaning materials, will be provided, as usual, beyond Sunday.
The Foundation will setup and cleanup each of the three days, storing nightly those items that would be tempting to bears and other varmints.  Please help us out by cleaning up when you're done; its all very much appreciated!
It is suggested that families and small groups chose to picnic at the Orchard any or all of the three days, as well as being encouraged to chose the time of day that works best for them.  A stop at The Bakery and The Garden will make this easy peasy!  Fall is an incredibly beautiful time to be in the Stehekin Valley; be here, enjoy, and patronize our local businesses!
With only two presses, we ask that you are mindful of others, share in the making with those you are comfortable being around, social distance, and respect the choices of others.
Common Delicious, Rome Beauties, and Jonathan's are ripening, waiting and ready for Harvest Fest!
As of September 6, Harvest Fest 2021 at the Buckner Orchard is a go, though it is now modified to allow our community celebration to continue within the restrictions of the pandemic.  Our goal is to celebrate harvest at the Historic Buckner Orchard in such a way that all enjoy themselves in a safe environment.  Your cooperation is essential.
Any and all plans for Harvest Fest are subject to change at any time or moment as rules, restrictions, and recommendations change.  
As former Seahawk coach, Chuck Knox,  and others have said, ""All you can do is play the hand you're dealt."  
Friday Evening
October 1
Agnes on Fire will play outdoors, either at the packing shed or the school, weather permitting.  7 PM, site to be determined
Sunday Evening
Cancelled - Poetry Night usually hosts 25-30 people crowded in a small space in a private home, with people from anywhere. 
Saturday 10 AM at the Orchard
Saturday October 2
Picking and pressing continue, with social distancing highly encouraged, both by the layout of tables, presses, signage, etc.  and with masks suggested for everyone in spaces where social distancing is hard to maintain.
Picnics, not potluck.  It is suggested families and small groups bring their own food and picnic on the lawns or in the orchard under the shade of a just-picked apple tree, enjoying the fall beauty of the Orchard and the Stehekin Valley.  
Additionally, materials for cleaning and sanitation to help ensure a pandemic-safe environment for the picking and pressing, will be provided, not only for Harvest Fest, but throughout the picking and pressing season.
Saturday's happenings, as well as Friday night's are subject to sudden cancellation or alteration, depending on county, state, and federal rules that may be instituted between now and October 1.
Visitors are encouraged to keep their plans to be in Stehekin that weekend, no matter what form Harvest Fest may take, or even if subsequently cancelled.
We thank you for your understanding and, again, encourage you to be here in Stehekin this fall!  Its a beautiful time of the year! 

MCC logo 250Manson Community Council

September 21, 2021 Agenda

ZOOM @ 6:00 pm Meeting ID: 895 6602 3031

Members Present Online: Kari Sorensen | Kathy Blum | Cindy Smith | Gordon Lester | Pat Hautenne

Flag Salute: Gordon Lester


• Treasurer’s Report

• Approval of July 20, 2021 Minutes


#1 Sheriff Brian Burnett

• Short Term Rental Compliance & Updates

• Sheriff’s Community Updates

#2 David Kieninger, Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)

• Discussion regarding MCC’s concern regarding significant increase in traffic to our area. We are requesting a Traffic Impact Study be done during the highest peak time in the valley; end of July 2022.

• How much traffic can Highway 150 handle and where we’re at now in that volume?

• What recent Traffic Impact Studies have been done?

• Any suggestions to remedy our current traffic issues?

• How to appropriately deal with vehicles, boats and trailers parked alongside Highway 150.

#3 Manson School Board Candidates

Each candidate will be allotted 5 minutes

• District 4 At Large Catherine Willard | Susie (Miller) Fox • District 5 At Large: Greg Neff | Janel Lyman

Next Meeting: October 19, 2021 @ 6 PM ZOOM Meeting ID: 895 6602 3031


dougcountysherlogoOn April 19, 2020 at about 2:13 PM, Douglas County Deputies were dispatched to a report of human remains found by an individual picking asparagus.

The remains were located in the trees and brush on the hillside in the 2700 block of Tacoma Avenue, Bridgeport.

The scene was investigated and the remains were removed.

Although confirmation cannot be made as to the identity of the remains until further DNA testing, investigators believe this to be Roy L. Groeneveld. Mr. Groeneveld was reported missing from a nearby residence in 2010 and was never located.

pirate carnival800

THE SQUARE DANCE has been cancelled and replaced.
Though many things have returned to normal, federal CDC and NPS guidelines do not allow for an event of this kind, due to lack of social distancing.  Needless to say, we are exceedingly disappointed, as we know you are.
We will have a great music event on August 7 at the Orchard, replacing the cancelled Square Dance!  Featuring our local favorite, Agnes on Fire.
This will be a free, fun, family concert-like event at the Buckner packing shed. 
Details will be worked out in the next three weeks, with the date, August 7, and the time, 7 PM, remaining unchanged.
Yep, we're bringing back the band!!