douglas county logoThe Douglas County Commissioners are pleased to announce the appointment of Jenn Biggar as the interim appointment of Superior Court Clerk. Jenn will be filling the unexpired term of Clerk Tristan Worthen. Jenn Biggar will be filling this position until the next general election.

The Board feels that Jenn Biggar has the experience, temperament, characters, and qualifications to serve in this position in an exemplary fashion. Ms. Biggar has been an outstanding Douglas County employee for 5 years; she brings many years of experience in the legal field as well as management and administrative expertise to the position.

Ms. Biggar was selected from candidates nominated by the Republican Central Committee as is required when there is an unexpired term left by an exiting elected official.

Please join us in congratulating Jenn Biggar as she takes on the new role.  There will be a swearing in ceremony with reception to follow on July 7th at 9 am at the Douglas County Superior Court.