douglascountysheriff148Case #21D03675/21D03676-SCAM ALERT

On 7-13-2021, two separate reports were made to our office in regards to local and out-of-area victims receiving phone calls from subjects posing as employees of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. The victims on both incidents reported being told they failed to appear for assigned court appearances and they needed to report to the courts to verify their identities and provide signatures. In both incidents, the victims reported the phone calls they received were from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office business phone line.

As a reminder, our office will not contact anyone by phone making these types of notifications and/or requests. Be aware of all the various types of telephone scams which are currently in circulation and do not disclose your personal information to anyone you do not know. Please continue to report all scam related incidents to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.


Sheriff Kevin Morris

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