buckner barebones
Photos by Leo Christoffer
Bare Bones It Will Be
Harvest Fest has all but dwindled away.  Or, to quote Simon and Garfunkel, "slip sliding away, the nearer your destination .. BUT. we are making the very best of what we have, given the pandemic, and will quietly celebrate and enjoy another fine crop at the Historic Buckner Orchard!
We no longer have the band for Friday night, and Poetry Night has already been canceled.  This leaves a pared-down weekend of picking and pressing, which is a go!!
October 1 - 3
8:00 AM to 6 PM
To make it as easy as possible for visitors to pick and make cider, the following will be provided these three days. 
   Picking bags and  ladders, 
   cider presses, 
   bins, funnels and sieves, 
   hand washing stations, 
   cutting boards  and knives, and other needed materials
   Cleaning supplies
   Bottles and boxes, though you may wish to bring your own containers, as there is a limited supply.  
The Foundation will provide the materials above to make it possible for visitors to drop in when convenient to pick and press.  This, hopefully, will spread people out time wise and make it easier to socially distance.  No food or beverages will be provided.  
Only the presses and the cleaning materials, will be provided, as usual, beyond Sunday.
The Foundation will setup and cleanup each of the three days, storing nightly those items that would be tempting to bears and other varmints.  Please help us out by cleaning up when you're done; its all very much appreciated!
It is suggested that families and small groups chose to picnic at the Orchard any or all of the three days, as well as being encouraged to chose the time of day that works best for them.  A stop at The Bakery and The Garden will make this easy peasy!  Fall is an incredibly beautiful time to be in the Stehekin Valley; be here, enjoy, and patronize our local businesses!
With only two presses, we ask that you are mindful of others, share in the making with those you are comfortable being around, social distance, and respect the choices of others.