regional sports complex

The Regional Port Authority (CDRPA) is conducting a feasibility study to determine the potential interest of building a regional sports complex in the area. In June, consulting firm BerryDunn held several stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and two community open houses to gather input on community needs and ideas for a future facility.

“Around 200 people attended one of these opportunities to provide feedback on a regional sportsplex. It was great to see so many diverse interests from court sports like tennis to basketball, field sports such as soccer and futsal, and water sports and activities like competitive swimming and therapy aquatics. Our communities are passionate about sports!” said East Wenatchee Mayor and Regional Sportsplex Committee chair, Jerrilea Crawford.

While Berrychelan douglas portDunn explores the region’s current facilities, they continue to request feedback and ideas from the community and invite residents to participate in an online “social pinpoint” forum. The online information gathering allows participants to comment on current facilities and to post suggestions on an “idea wall”. The online public interest survey is part of phase 1 and will continue through September.

The online survey can be found on the Regional Port Authority’s website: or at

After completing all phases of their analysis to include existing facility conditions, market analysis, economic impact, and facility options, programs, and capital costs, BerryDunn will present their findings to the Wenatchee Valley in early February.