Supporting the Orchard
The Buckner Foundation in support of the Historic Buckner Orchard raises funds in three ways each year.
Simply click one of the links above to continue your support!  Or, if you prefer the tried and true, write a check to BHHF PO Box 184, Manson, WA  98831.
We all have our own experiences that make the Buckner Orchard meaningful and personal.  Many are as simple as enjoying the location, the peace and tranquility, the history and beauty, or appreciating the wonderful Common Delicious apples.
Our support is personal, each of us has our own experiences and memories, or maybe we just believe in perpetuating important parts of history. What's your's?
Christy Morehead Libbey shares below what makes the Buckner Orchard so special to her and and why our support is so important.

What the Buckner Orchard Means to Me

Christy Libbey, granddaughter of Harry and Olive Buckner, March 2024

Memorable Moments - Visiting my grandparents every summer as often as possible. Govie, as we called our grandfather (I suspect a smart-aleck daughter started calling her father “Governor of Stehekin”, which we shortened to Govie) was always in the store/post office when we debarked from the Lady of the Lake. We would run up the steps into the store, and receive the biggest hug from Govie and Grandma Lena.  The week(s) my cousins, the Gans family, would come from Brazil were especially fun. Playing in the irrigation ditch water, making homemade ice cream, driving into the orchard at dusk looking for bears and deer, tromping thru the brush locating some landmark or other and quite often finding a yellow jacket nest in the process! 

In later years, leading Buckner Walks while working for the National Park Service, sharing the orchard and family history with visitors, as well as a refreshing cup of apple cider from Wendy Garfoot in the yard of her family home, the Buckner House.  One story I always related to the visitors was that the ice house would keep ice until my mom’s birthday in September so they could make homemade ice cream. I eventually learned I had told everyone the wrong date, but oh well. Mom forgave me.

 And now I get to share the Orchard with my children and grandchildren. We still visit at dusk to look for wildlife, float various leaves and sticks in the irrigation ditch, and get to press cider every year at Harvest Fest. Our grandchildren get to see what life was like in the olden days, something better seen and experienced rather than just read about. We are all truly blessed. Thank you to all who help keep the Buckner Orchard alive so you and others can continue to make wonderful memories of your own!

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