chelan county logoPublic Safety Announcement – June 29, 2020

Resolution 2020-70 was passed by the Chelan County Commissioners that the designation of the Fire Hazard Level will be High beginning on Monday June 29, 2020.

Remember that Fireworks are prohibited throughout Chelan County.

As of Monday June 1, 2020, open burning was closed. This includes natural vegetation and yard debris. This restriction remains in place until October 1, 2020

Attended recreational campfires are allowed at private residences and hosted campgrounds in approved “campfire areas”. Have a shovel and water readily available on site to suppress the fire.

“Campfire area” is an outdoor fire-burning area for recreational fires where natural wood materials other than rubbish can be burned. The campfire area must have all combustible material removed down to mineral soil and shall have a containment area of either rock, metal, concrete or any other noncombustible material and shall not be more than thirty-six inches in diameter and twenty-four inches high. All combustible material one and one-half feet surrounding the campfire area shall be removed. Fuel for the recreational residential campfire shall not extend above the edge of the campfire containment area.

No Household trash or garbage shall be burned outdoors at residences at any time.

Burn barrels are illegal and are not permitted.

chelan douglas portThe Douglas County Commissioners have allocated $1.0 million dollars from a Federal CARES Act grant to support small businesses in Douglas County. These federally funded dollars, made possible under the recent CARES Act, are expressly intended to provide relief resulting from the impacts of COVID-19. The Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority has agreed to administer a Douglas County Small Business Grant Program on behalf of the county at no cost.

Douglas County Commission Chair Dan Sutton said “Small businesses throughout Douglas County have been dramatically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The County Commissioners wanted to prioritize our Federal CARES Act grant towards supporting small businesses.” The Federal CARES Act relief funds are limited to COVID-19 related issues and expenses, and these monies must be spent by October 31st, 2020.

The grant program is open to any small business throughout Douglas County with 20 full-time employees or less. The business must have a Washington State Unified Business Identifying (UBI) number, and been in business for a period of six months. Businesses can apply for up to a $10,000 grant.

“The Regional Port would like to thank the Douglas County Commissioners for prioritizing small business grants with the Federal CARES Act grant. Providing meaningful financial support to the small business is critical to getting our economy going again,” said CDRPA Board President Rory Turner.

About the CDRPA: The Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority is the first of its kind in Washington by functionally consolidating two county-wide port districts into one operating entity. With the mission to “Work Together to Enhance the Economic Vitality of North Central Washington”, the CDRPA acts as the principal economic development agency for Chelan & Douglas Counties. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook.

Applications can be found at

The Regional Port plans on processing grant requests as soon as applications are received. Approximately 100 small business grants are projected to be awarded.

dougcountysherlogoJune 9, 2020 - Effective immediately the Douglas County Sheriff's Office will re-open, by appointment only for the following services:

* Civil Process

* Concealed Pistol Licenses

To make an appointment please call 509-884-0941.

COVID safety precautions apply.

chelan douglas portThe Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority announced today $333,052 in Working Washington Small Business Emergency Grants (WWSBEG) to support 71 local companies severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The selected pool of grantees includes 17 restaurants, 14 retail establishments, 10 salons, 3 fitness facilities, 3 beauty/personal services, 3 manufacturing facilities, 3 childcare businesses, 2 agricultural businesses, and additional small locally owned establishments. Grantees are located in 12 different cities across Chelan and Douglas Counties. Grantees represent 38 women owned businesses, 11 minority owned businesses, and a veteran owned business. These businesses will primarily use these funds to pay rent, utilities, and other allowable expenses.

“Small businesses are job generators, product and service providers, and they provide the unique character of our downtown and neighborhood commercial districts,” said Commerce Director Lisa Brown. “While we know there is much more to do, these Working Washington grants are designed to support them during this challenging time on the road to recovery.”

The WWSBEG recipients in Chelan and Douglas Counties will employ a total of 264 individuals and it is estimated this grant will prevent the loss of 247 jobs. In approving these grants, Washington State and both Chelan and Douglas Counties will be able to support the potential preservation of these businesses and the economic security of the companies’ employees and the local communities.

Regional Port Authority Board Chairman Rory Turner said “We would like to thank the Governor and Department of Commerce for working closely with the Regional Port in funding these small businesses in Chelan and Douglas Counties. As our region works to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, getting financial support for our small businesses is critical to economic recovery.”

The Regional Port received 855 Working Washington Small Business Emergency Grant requests totaling $7,943,336. The Regional Port is working with federal, state, and local governmental entities trying to secure additional resources to fund more small business grants.


1. Melinda Raven - Wenatchee - Salon - $5,000
2. iLa Yoga LLC - Wenatchee - Fitness - $5,000
3. The Thai Restaurant - Wenatchee - Restaurant - $5,000
4. Pat's Books and Beds LLC DBA A Book for All Seasons - Leavenworth - Retail - $5,000
5. Traci and Friends Childcare Cashmere - Childcare - $5,000
6. Indigo Salon - Wenatchee - Salon - $5,000
7. Nancy's Party Rental - East Wenatchee - Retail - $5,000
8. Upper Valley Development LLC DBA Entiat Pub & Grub - Entiat - Restaurant - $5,000
9. Studio No 7 - Wenatchee - Art studio - $2,500
10. Classes with Glasses - Wenatchee - Art studio - $5,000
11. Anna's Creation Bridal Boutique - Wenatchee - Retail - $5,000
12. Shakti's - Wenatchee - Restaurant - $5,000
13. The Sugaring Hut - Wenatchee - Salon - $5,000
14. Realize LLC - Wenatchee - Fitness - $5,000
15. Integrity Piercing - Wenatchee - Salon - $5,000
16. Blue Spirits Distilling - Chelan - Manufacturing - $5,000
17. Bavarian Village Chocolates LLC - Leavenworth - Retail - $5,000
18. Saddle Rock Pub & Brewery - Wenatchee - Restaurant - $5,000
19. Wenatchee School of Karate - Wenatchee - Education - $5,000
20. Osprey Rafting Company and Ski Shop - Leavenworth - Retail - $5,000
21. American Shoe Shop Inc - Wenatchee - Retail - $5,000
22. 97 Rock House - Peshastin - Restaurant - $5,000
23. Mera LLC Taco Loco Taqueria - Wenatchee - Restaurant - $5,000
24. Futbol-Era LLC - Wenatchee - Retail - $5,000
25. Andante Restaurant - Chelan - Restaurant - $5,000
26. Wild Flour - Leavenworth - Restaurant - $5,000
27. Gibbs Graphics LLC - Leavenworth - Business services - $5,000
28. DragonFly Studio - Wenatchee - Salon - $1,000
29. Mandelbluete LLC dba Cafe Columbia - Wenatchee - Restaurant - $5,000
30. Feathered Salon - Wenatchee - Salon - $5,000
31. Bluegrass Mountain LL DBA Fresh Burger Cafe - Leavenworth - Restaurant - $5,000
32. Lany's Beauty Salon - Wenatchee - Salon - $5,000
33. Edible Art LLC DBA The Cook's Corner Diner - Wenatchee - Restaurant - $5,000
34. Hope Mountain Farm LLC - Leavenworth - Agriculture - $5,000
35. Pins & Needles - Wenatchee - Retail - $5,000
36. Team Bales Trucking - Malaga - Trucking - $5,000
37. Seven Auto Sales** - Wenatchee - Retail - $5,000

Total: $178,500


1. Gilfeather Hair, LLC - East Wenatchee - Retail - $5,000
2. Golden East Restaurant, LLC - East Wenatchee - Restaurant - $5,000
3. Auntie Bling's Attique - Waterville - Retail - $5,000
4. Carrie D Larson dba Carrie Larson Childcare - East Wenatchee - Childcare - $5,000
5. Columbia Yard Service - East Wenatchee - Landscaping - $5,000
6. Ring A Bells Catering - East Wenatchee - Restaurant - $5,000
7. Ringsrud Cidery LLC DBA Snowdrift Cider Co - East Wenatchee - Restaurant - $5,000
8. Tiny's Organic LLC - East Wenatchee - Restaurant - $5,000
9. Waterville Historic Hotel - Waterville - Hospitality - $3,750
10. Flooring & More - East Wenatchee - Construction - $4,500
11. G K Legacy LLC DBA San Francisco Sourdough Eatery - East Wenatchee - Restaurant - $5,000
12. Nail Pro - East Wenatchee - Salon - $5,000
13. Rebekah's Photography - East Wenatchee - Photograpy - $2,300
14. Apple Blossom Floral - East Wenatchee - Retail - $5,000
15. AR Studio 92 - Bridgeport - Salon - $2,800
16. Carri Gilstrap dba Studio C - East Wenatchee - Salon - $4,800
17. Common Sense Roofing - East Wenatchee - Construction - $5,000
18. Arseneault Automation - East Wenatchee - Construction - $5,000
19. Chinook Music Service LLC - East Wenatchee - Retail - $5,000
20. MT the Attic - East Wenatchee - Retail - $5,000
21. PomArleau Transfer and Storage Corp. - East Wenatchee - Moving - $5,000
22. Revive Salon - East Wenatchee - Salon - $5,000
23. Lashes & Mustaches - East Wenatchee - Salon - $5,000
24. Pursuit Carpentry - East Wenatchee - Construction - $5,000
25. Banuelos Construction LLC - East Wenatchee - Construction - $5,000
26. EbbigHausen Construction Services - East Wenatchee - Construction -$5,000
27. Feline Friends & Dog Care Savvy - East Wenatchee - Pet services - $4,000
28. InPrint Printing - East Wenatchee - Manufacturing - $5,000
29. Jones Plastering & Stucco - East Wenatchee - Construction - $5,000
30. Rama Farm LLC - Bridgeport - Agriculture - $3,000
31. The Rock Bar and Grill /DDR Rice Group - Rock Island - Restaurant - $5,000
32. Caroline McGregor's Licensed Child Care - East Wenatchee - Childcare - $3,134
33. Chandler Business Interiors, Inc. - East Wenatchee - Manufacturing - $3,134
34. Karen's Kleening LLC - East Wenatchee - Housekeeping - $3,134

Total: $154,552

douglas county logoAs the economic impacts Governor Inslee’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order (Governor’s Proclamation 20-25) continue to develop, Douglas County has implemented budget reductions in response to the decline of incoming sales-tax based revenue and preparing for potential shortfalls in the coming months.  In an effort to be proactive and maintain consistency with the County's historic fiscally conservative budget management practices, the County has made cuts while still working to maintain continuity of vital public services.

Douglas County will be exploring all options for reducing costs while sustaining or bolstering public services.  These measures include, but are not limited to, staff attrition, leaving vacant positions unfilled, altered maintenance schedules, training reductions, and examination of current operations.

Douglas County has a strong tradition of conservative budgeting which has allowed the County to weather previous economic downturns and has made us well positioned to function successfully during lean times.  We believe that this dedication to responsible stewardship of tax payer funds will allow the County to continue to serve the community in a meaningful and productive manner during this event.  Additionally, making these difficult decisions early will allow the County to be positioned favorably in the face of the uncertainly of 2021.

We want to acknowledge the hardships and  personally thank all Douglas County residents for you hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity.  Your Douglas County leadership will remain committed to serving our community in the fiscally responsibly and community-oriented custom way the community has come to depend on.

buckner logoWith considerable regret, the Foundation Board has voted to cancel this year's Square Dance at the Orchard
With restrictions in place for controlling Covid-19, there are a number of entities, other than our organization, that impact our ability to hold events.  In making this decision, we conferred with the National Park Service and our insurance broker, and reviewed the Washington Phased Approach to Reopening, as well as the cancellation policies of lodging establishments in Stehekin, with the following results:
  • The NPS North Cascades Complex is currently closed, and reopening is unknown as to when or to what degree.  (The Buckner Orchard is a National Park Service Property.)
  • Chelan County is currently in Phase I of reopening and could possibly move to Phase II in June.  
  • Phase Four is necessary for events of this size (>50 people)  to occur, and its questionable we will be there by August 1.
  • Our special use permit for the event,  if we're not at Phase Four, will be canceled.
  • Our insurance coverage for the event, which WILL NOT cover anything Covid-1 related. 
  • Square dancing is literally the antithesis of social distancing.
  • Cancellation should be made in a timely fashion so as to allow the band and others adequate time to cancel reservations at Stehekin lodgings and rentals, should they choose to do so.
  • Appropriate timing of the cancellation will allow Stehekin businesses more time to re-book the vacated rooms.
  • Organizational liability is of concern.
Harvest Fest will need to be dealt with at a later date, as circumstances closer to the October event unfold. This decision will likely need to be made in mid-August.

Below are links to letters addressed to Governor Jay Inslee's office regarding moving forward with a partial or full implementation of the Phase II plan for opening the economy in Chelan and Douglas counties.

In the Chelan-Douglas COVID-19 Modified Phase II Proposal, a lengthy case is laid out describing current levels of readiness in the health system and willingness of local businesses to carefully open with safety as a major concern.

Chelan-Douglas COVID-19 Modified Phase II Proposal

The Chelan County Commissioners have also made a similar request:

Letter from Chelan County Board of Commissioners

buckner aug 2020

douglas county logoIn February 2020, Douglas County Solid Waste began the long process of inventorying and remediating homeless encampments and illegal dumps along the Douglas County portion of the Apple Capital Loop Trail.  The initial stages of this undertaking included identifying established camps, performing cursory assessments of the contents, and distinguishing between active and abandoned sites. 

On April 21, 2020 Douglas County Solid Waste began the second phase of this process involved physical cleanup and mitigation of the sites.  Ten individual abandoned sites were able to be cleared up with extensive help from the Eastmont Metro Park Department (EMPD).  Douglas County Solid Waste and EMPD were able to remove the following from the areas surrounding the trail:

  • 90 bags of garbage
  • 75 sleeping bags
  • 10 pounds of scrap metal
  • 12 needles
  • Large amount of wire, include razor wire
  • 3 drug pipes
  • 9 buckets
  • Multiple knives
  • 1 machete
  • 1 shopping cart

1,840 total pounds of garbage were taken to the landfill.  The amount of waste located at the sites was staggering and the proximity to the Columbia River makes these sites particularly concerning to the environmental safety of our waterways and wildlife.  During the cleanup, two new large sites were located.

Douglas County Solid Waste has been awarded an additional $45,000 from the Local Solid Waste Financial Assistance Grant to aid in continued remediation efforts.  These funds will be used to ensure that waste can be removed from these sensitive areas surrounding our ecological and recreational areas.

The attached photographs illustrate the significant progress made in this initial cycle of mitigation.  We are grateful for the improvement made thus far and are looking forward to the difference that future efforts can make as we work toward keeping our community safe.