MCC logo 250The May 18th 2021 Manson Community Council was called to order by Chairman Kari Sorensen at 6:02 PM.

We did the Flag Salute.

The treasurer report was submitted by Cindy Smith, Treasurer; the account balance on 4/30/21 was $462.30. Kari suggested we reimburse members for some of their expenses on behalf of the council. All agreed. Bills need to be submitted to Cindy Smith.

The minutes were approved by all as written and posted. Motion made by Gordon, 2nd by Cindy Smith and approved by all.

Brian Burnett, Chelan County Sheriff, spoke on a several items of interest.

  • Regarding STR’s during Memorial Day weekend now seems to be more of a family weekend versus wild college kids partying and destroying property as it was a few years ago. The Sheriff’s Department began making visitors accountable for their behavior and being responsible good citizens. 

  • The 4th of July Is now the biggest Holiday/Weekend for the Sheriff’s Department. Most issues involve alcohol.

  • There will be 2 sheriffs doing Marine Patrol this summer on Lake Chelan. Chelan Don Morse Park allows people to drink in the park where as all other parks have a zero alcohol policy. 

  • Sheriff’s Department will shift people around between South Shore of Lake Chelan, Antilon Lake, and Manson depending where they are needed. 

  • STR code enforcers are done with training and vehicles are ready. Brian said to call Community Development for all code violations. For parking or noise complaints call 509-663-9911. None of the proposed codes will go into effect before the County commissioners sign into law the proposed codes.

  • Sheriff Burnett started that his department is working 9% under budget and they are 19.7% down in staffing. The department will have 3 new officers in place by December 2021.

 Next on the agenda was Chelan County commissioner Tiffany Gering. 

  • Tiffany stated that Jim Brown, head of Chelan Community Development, has the new code enforcement officers training doing complaints on file in Community Development. She stated Doug Shae, Chelan County Prosecuting Attorney, is retiring June 1st and the new Prosecuting Attorney will be Robert Sealby when the new STR licenses will be required for all vacation rentals in Chelan County. Tiffany also believes they will be issued 1st come 1st serve through Community Development. One of the code enforcement officers lives in the Manson area. Current STR’s with no license within the Manson UGA will have certain hoops to “jump through” to receive a license.

Citizens comments and questions to Commissioner Gering:

  • Will fines and enforcement be equal for all persons, homeowners, and STR’s?

  • Answer: Probably, still to be determined.

  • Brian Patterson asked Tiffany how she personally feels about the Task Force and does she agree with what they proposed or can she be moved to change her mind and make different proposals? She said she had an open mind to review and listen to all comments, although she liked very much what she has read from Task Force.

  • When asked about the Dog Park, Tiffany stated, the Manson Parks Board is interested in purchasing a portion (approximately 45 feet) of land from Mr. Buckingham. The Parks Department just got approval that they can bring in gravel to make the Dog Park safer. There was discussion on fund raising to help raise money for purchasing the land.

Pat Hautenne was asked by the council to finish Elmira Forner’s term on the council. He was to be sworn in tonight, but because of computer issues Pat was not able to stay connected to the Zoom meeting. It was agreed that he will be sworn in at the beginning of the June 15th meeting. 

With no further comments the meeting was adjoined at 7:11 PM, motioned by Kathy Blum and 2nd by Cindy Smith.

Next MCC Meeting will be June 15th, 2021.