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It became apparent after our last Council Meeting that the Manson Community Council needs to clarify their stance on the subject of the possible incorporation of Manson.
At no time has the Manson Community Council been the leader of any discussion of incorporation. We were previously asked by community members to host the discussion during a couple of our meetings, which is the only reason the subject ever has appeared on our agenda. It became evidently clear during our last meeting that community members present at the meeting were assuming that the MCC was placing forth and leading this discussion by the fact that the Council was asked to "make a list of pros and cons for incorporation." If we appeared flummoxed by the request - we were. To do so would be an unbelievable undertaking of time and resources. As a reminder, we are an elected board of community members that serve a 3-year term. We are not paid and are solely volunteering our time without compensation, and at our own personal expense at times as we have no funding. Additionally, each of us also has full time jobs outside of the Council. 
If anyone wishes to make a presentation at a future Council meeting regarding this or any other subject, please email your desire to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to be considered on our agenda.
All that being said, as promised, attached is the "White Paper" Brian Patterson put together in 2016 regarding potential incorporation at that time. Please peruse and if you have any questions or comments, Brian Patterson's email is listed above as the Council really isn't in a position to answer any questions on this subject.
Thank you for attending our meeting and showing interest in our community. We look forward to having you with us again next month at the Manson Parks Department, as always, at 6 pm on the third Tuesday of the month -- which is May 16, 2023. Please mark your calendars.
Kari Sorensen
Manson Community Council