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Halloween processional will cause traffic delays on the Old Bridge and Woodin Avenue

LAKE CHELAN, WA (October 29, 2020) This year, the Historic Downtown Chelan Association (HDCA) invites you to drive through a ghostly downtown Chelan to receive Halloween goody bags on Saturday, October 31 from 5 – 7 p.m.

Drivers who do not plan to participate in the event should expect traffic delays on the Old Bridge and Woodin Avenue. It is recommended that drivers avoid the area during the event hours if possible. Parking will be restricted on Woodin Ave between Columbia and Sanders streets starting at 4 p.m. in preparation for the event.

If you plan to participate in the drive-thru trick-or-treat event, vehicles will stage in the high school parking lot. Enter the parking lot from S Farnham St and await instructions from volunteers. See map for details.

We look forward to seeing all of you ghouls, ghosts and goblins this Saturday in historic downtown Chelan!

Drive-thru Trick-or-Treat Route
Vehicles will stage in the high school parking lot and proceed to Woodin Avenue to cross the old bridge and enter downtown. Spooky décor and haunted characters await as you drive through historic downtown. You will have the opportunity to enter the “Car-stume” Contest if you wish, and then will receive your Trick-or-Treat goody bags at the end of the processional.

Car-stume Contest Details
The HDCA will host a “Car-stume” Contest this year with $250 in Chamber Bucks for the family with the most creative costume for their car and passengers! One $250 gift certificate will be given to the most creative Halloween costume and one $250 gift certificate for the most creative Dia de los Muertos costume.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Decorate your car and/or dress up your passengers in Halloween or Dia de los Muertos attire!
  • Come up with a creative Team Name for online voting.
  • Enter the staging area at the High School and follow the route into downtown.
  • Fill out a "Car-stume” Contest entry form that volunteers will hand out at the beginning of the processional.
  • “Say Cheese!” at the intersection of Woodin Avenue and Emerson Street, where we’ll take your photo for online voting.

The community will have an opportunity to vote on their favorite Car-stumes online. LakeChelanNow will stream the processional on Facebook Live so the community can view the fun from anywhere.

wsdot winter guide 2020

Studded tires allowed in Washington from Nov. 1 to March 31; stud-free winter tire alternatives are legal year-round

 OLYMPIA – With some early storms already here and full-fledged winter fast approaching, now is the time for travelers to make sure they’re prepared for winter driving.

 The Washington State Department of Transportation urges all travelers to start preparing themselves and their vehicles for winter weather. Drivers can check out WSDOT's winter driving web page for tips and information. WSDOT also asks travelers to always "know before you go" and get the most up-to-date roadway information before heading out.

 “Our crews work hard to keep roads clear, but we need the public’s help as well,” said WSDOT Maintenance Operations Manager James Morin. “Most pass closures are due to preventable spin outs or crashes from vehicles driven too fast or not having proper equipment. This year COVID-19 protocols could mean slightly longer road or pass closures, as well as more chain requirements during major storms, so we need everyone to be prepared and stay informed to help keep traffic moving.”

 To check conditions and prepare for winter weather:

Alternatives to chains Although some vehicle manufacturers recommend against the use of tire chains for certain models, that doesn’t excuse travelers from state traction device laws. These requirements exist to help keep all traffic moving safely during extreme winter conditions.

The Washington State Patrol provides an online list of state-approved alternative traction devices on its vehicle equipment webpage under “traction tires” These approved alternatives meet state traction tire requirements. All travelers are reminded to prepare for changing weather conditions and avoid a costly ticket by carrying chains or approved alternatives whenever crossing mountain passes. Failure to obey a tire chains sign can mean a ticket of up to $500. Special chain enforcement patrols will be keeping an eye on mountain passes this winter.

Studded tires By law, studded tires are legal for use in Washington state only from Nov. 1 through March 31. This applies to all vehicles in Washington, even those traveling from other states, and no personal exemptions or waivers exist.

WSDOT estimates studded tires cause between $20 million and $29 million in pavement damage to state-owned asphalt and concrete roadways each year. Motorists are encouraged to visit a tire dealer to learn more about their options, including stud-free, winter tread traction tires. This type of tire is different than an all-season tire, is legal year-round and does not cause the same roadway damage as studded tires. More information about studded-tire restrictions and requirements can be found in the FAQ on the WSP website.

ChelanFireRescueLogo200Virtual Open Public Meeting for discussion on the Proposed 2021 Budget.  This meeting will be held:

Chelan Fire & Rescue Proposed 2021 Budget Virtual Public Meeting

Monday, November 9, 2020

6:00 PM via Zoom Meetings (link for this meeting to follow.)

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the proposed 2021 Budget and gather input from the community served by the Fire District.  This meeting will help the Board of Commissioner in determining the best service model for the community as well as the funding needed to maintain this service for 2021 and beyond.

Please find below links to the 2021 DRAFT Budget Proposal along the 2020-2026 Budget Worksheets, Apparatus Replacement Schedule and Capital Replacement Schedule that we are using as we work through our 2021 Budget process.  The revenue figures listed in the 2021 DRAFT Budget Proposal and on the 2020-2026 are the current numbers given to us by the Chelan County Assessor’s Office for 2021 and are what we can expect for revenue coming into the district for maintaining our operations.  Explanations for the attached worksheets are as follow:

  1. The 2021 with 2022 DRAFT Budget Proposal is our proposed operating budget for 2021 with explanations of the revenue and expense categories.  Each expense category will list our 2020 Budget amounts as well as the anticipated 2022 Budget amounts.
  2. The 2020-2026 Budget Worksheets are used as a forecasting tool showing our estimated revenues and expenses for a 5 year period.  This worksheet allows us to make our best guess at what our future revenues will be and what our future operating costs will look like.  The information in these worksheets includes our estimated capital expenses as listed on the attached Capital Replacement Schedule but does not include any Apparatus Replacement expenses.
  3. The Apparatus and Capital Replacement Schedules are forecasting tools that allow us to determine the money we need to set aside (transfer to our Capital Reserve Investment account) in order replace apparatus and equipment or take care of necessary repairs or replacement of hard assets.
  4. One item to note, budgeting and forecasting is a dynamic process and will be updated as we work through the 2021 Budget process.


2021 DRAFT Budget Proposal

2020-2026 Budget Worksheets

Apparatus Replacement Schedule

Capital Replacement Schedule

CC sheriff logo 2018LAKE WENATCHEE - Sheriff Brian Burnett reports a 73-year old lost hunter was located by search teams in the Meadow Creek area of western Chelan County early Sunday morning after an extensive search which began late Saturday evening..

RIVERCOM Dispatch received the initial call concerning the missing hunter at 9:31pm Saturday evening from family members. David Sargent of Marysville, WA had planned to hike a loop off of the USFS 6306 Road at about 5:00pm. He was to meet up with the two other hunters in his party prior to darkness. When Sargent did not return, the two family members searched for Sargent having very intermittent radio contact with him. Sargent told them he was lost on a brushed in primitive road. He did not have a pack with him which meant no light or other or survival gear.

Search teams including Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue, the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office and Chelan County Volunteer Search & Rescue began focusing on several spur forest service spur roads off of the main 6306 road. At one point, a LWF&R team was able to reestablish family radio communication with Sargent, however he was unable to describe his location to the rescuers. He stated he was tired and suffering from low blood sugar complications. At approximately 1:30am, Sargent was asked to fire a round from his rifle so his position could be triangulated. That procedure allowed SAR coordinators to refocus searches into smaller, more targeted search areas on the 6306-430 and 6306-400 spur roads.

At 2:24am, Sargent was located on an overgrown portion of the USFS 6306-400 (spur) road by a SAR deputy. Sargent was hypothermic, soaking wet from rain and suffering from low blood sugar. A search team on all-terrain vehicles - including a medic - responded to assist in getting Sargent back to search base. He was reunited with family and transported by ambulance to Cascade Medical Center in Leavenworth for treatment. He is in fair and stable condition.

Sheriff’s Office SAR coordinators would like to remind hunters to always carry the ten essentials of survival while hiking (especially: water, food, light, a map, shelter, fire starter, navigation tools, extra clothing and prescribed medications).

wstc 2020

Topics include Road Usage Charging, COVID-19 impacts, and tolling

OLYMPIA – Planning for future transportation needs is the focus of the Washington State Transportation Commission’s October meeting. Topics to be covered include updates on tolling performance and the state transportation revenue forecast, next steps for the Road Usage Charge assessment, and a continuation of the commission’s year-long series on “The Future of Transportation Post COVID-19.” 

The commission meeting begins at 9 a.m. both Tuesday, Oct. 20, and Wednesday, Oct. 21. Due to limitations on the size of gatherings in response to COVID-19, this meeting will be conducted virtually using GoToWebinar. People interested in attending can find registration instructions on the commission’s website.  The meeting will be broadcast live on TVW at www.tvw.org.

On Tuesday, the Autonomous Vehicle Workgroup will provide an update on its progress and give a preview of pending recommendations, which will be submitted to the commission at its December meeting. The AV workgroup is charged with identifying policy and regulatory changes to better to accommodate AVs on our public roadways.

An update on the Interstate 405/State Route 167 express toll lanes Low-Income Tolling Study also will be given. The study is assessing the effects of tolling on low-income drivers of the I-405/SR 167 express toll lanes and recommends possible approaches to mitigate impacts. The project team will present proposed criteria for selection of possible low-income toll program options for further assessment and will provide an overview of a survey to be conducted of low-income drivers who use either corridor.

As part of the commission’s on-going work related to the statewide 20-year transportation plan “Washington Transportation Plan 2040 and Beyond,” Washington State Department of Transportation staff will provide a briefing on the development of the department’s Highway System Plan. The Highway System Plan is a component of the 20-year plan and serves as the basis for the six-year capital highway program and WSDOT’s two-year budget request to the State Legislature.

Tuesday afternoon, staff from WSDOT and the Office of the State Treasurer will provide an update on the performance of the state’s tolled facilities. They will highlight the effects the COVID-19 pandemic is having on traffic volumes and revenues for each tolled facility and discuss possible approaches to addressing toll revenue shortfalls. Staff will also provide a briefing on the September 2020 state transportation revenue forecast, addressing the current financial status of state transportation funding, and providing insight into what the future may hold for state transportation revenues and toll rates.

Tuesday’s meeting concludes with a briefing on the next phase of work for the Road Usage Charge assessment. A RUC is being assessed as a possible replacement to the gas tax. The commission has conducted several years of research and a year-long pilot project with 2,000 drivers from across the state. In January 2020, the commission made recommendations to the Legislature for implementing a small RUC program statewide. An overview of the next phase of research will be provided. This research is fully funded with a grant from the Federal Highways Administration. 

The focus of Wednesday’s meeting is on the commission’s year-long series: “The Future of Transportation Post-COVID-19.” A panel of experts and industry leaders will speak to several topics, including:

  • New considerations and approaches for future transportation infrastructure investments
  • A proposal on the development of the “Cascadia Innovation Corridor” running from Vancouver, B.C., to Portland, Oregon
  • New approaches to promoting changes in travel behavior, equitable mobility, and employer participation
  • The challenges and impacts of the pandemic on businesses statewide and implications going forward

Written public comment will be accepted via email until 4 p.m. the day before the meeting. Comments should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Written comments received after this deadline will be provided to commissioners after the meeting. Questions can also be asked during the meeting by using the “question” box found on-screen during the meeting, and as time allows, will be addressed during the meeting.

All presentations will be available on the commission’s website. For more information about the commission and a complete meeting agenda, visit: www.wstc.wa.gov/


Chelan Fire and Rescue
Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 3:00 P.M.
232 East Wapato, Chelan, WA

The CFR Board of Commissioners will conduct the meeting via Zoom. The public is welcome to join by following this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87284665516 Meeting ID: 872 8466 5516 or dial +1 253 215 8782

Proposed Chelan Fire and Rescue agenda pending Board approval.

Roll Call:
Regular Meeting Call to Order:
Approve Agenda:
Public Comment:
Consent Agenda:
• Revenue and Expenditure Report: September 2020
• Payroll: September 1 -30, 2020 for $181,744.98 paid 10-05-2020
• General Account Vouchers: #746675 – 746711 for $58,234.02
• Capital Account Vouchers: #17142 – 17147 for $11,824.39
• Minutes: September 16, 2020
Fire Chief Report:
• 2020 Budget & Financial Report
• Emergency Response Report / Operations / Community Risk Reduction / Apparatus Update
Assistant Chief Report:
• Volunteer Recruitment & Retention / Training
Firefighters Association Report:
Unfinished Business:
• 2021-2025 DRAFT Strategic Plan – Update
• City of Chelan Fire Protection Services Contract - Update
• Station 75 Short Plat – Update
• IAFF Local 4816 Labor Agreement Negotiations – Update
• Firefighter/EMT Testing/Hiring – Update
• 2020-2021 Annexations – Update
New Business:
• Resolution 2020-10 Canceling Outstanding Warrants
• 2021 Budget Proposal: Schedule Public Meeting via Zoom
• Extension of Seasonal Firefighter Employment through December
• Firefighter/EMT Testing/Hiring
Special Events:
Board for Volunteer Firefighters:
• Invoices
Public Comment:
Commissioner Comments:
Executive Session:

manson parks logo

Regular Board Meeting
October 8, 2020, 4:15pm
Phone-in meeting: 1-425-436-6260
Access code: 8182416

I. Call to Order
II. Additions and Deletions
III. Public Comment
IV. Approval of Minutes
a. September 10, 2020 regular meeting minutes
V. Financial Review
a. Review monthly financial report
b. Review and approve monthly voucher
VI. Old Business
a. Director’s Report
VII. New Business
a. Old Mill launch permit requirements for commercial contracts
VIII. Adjournment

Next regular meeting is November 12, 2020 at 4:10pm, 142 Pedoi Street, Manson, WA 98831, unless otherwise posted.

2020 Cancellation poster


Manson Middle/High School Principal, Dr. Heather Ireland announced today that Grant Torgesen has been names a “Commended Student” in the National Merit Scholarship Program.

A Letter of Commendation from the school and National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), which conducts the program, will be presented by the principal to this scholastically talented senior.

About 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Although they will not continue in the 2021 competition for National Merit Scholarship awards, Commended Students placed among the top 50,000 scorers of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2021 competition by taking the 2019 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®).

''Those being named Commended Students have demonstrated outstanding potential for academic success," commented a spokesperson for NMSC. ''These students represent a valuable national resource; recognizing their accomplishments, as well as the key role their schools play in their academic development, is vital to the advancement of educational excellence in our nation.

We hope that this recognition will help broaden their educational opportunities and encourage them as they continue their pursuit of academic success."

grants 9 17 20

Up to $5,000 is available for Chelan and Douglas county businesses with 20 employees or less to assist COVID-related response and recovery.

(September 15, 2020/East Wenatchee) – The Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority is accepting applications for emergency grants up to $5,000 each for businesses with 20 employees or less in Chelan and Douglas counties. Grant money can be used to assist with a variety of expenses related to impacts from COVID-19.

To learn more and apply, visit our COVID-19 Small Business Resources page to find more information and applications in English and Spanish.

“To date the Regional Port has distributed over $2.2 million dollars in federal, state, and local funding to more than 400 small businesses located in Chelan and Douglas counties,” stated Regional Port Board President Rory Turner. “We have seven programs still accepting applications with an additional $1.6 million available for local businesses impacted by COVID-19.”

Grant funds include new state funding of $945,000 available to businesses in Chelan and Douglas counties. These funds come from the state’s Working Washington Small Business program that uses federal Coronavirus Assistance, Recovery and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds to help with COVID-19 response and recovery efforts across Washington State.

“The length and depth of the pandemic have hit small, main street businesses hard,” said Washington State Department of Commerce Director Lisa Brown. “In particular, restaurants, hotels and other service industries have not seen the expected number of customers. Small businesses need these resources to stay open as we respond to the public health crisis and help get people back to work.”