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With today’s announcement that Kelly Gregory and Mary Welcome have been selected to serve as artists-in-residence with WSDOT for a year, Washington becomes the first state to embed an artist in a statewide agency.

March 22, 2019 — Artist team Kelly Gregory and Mary Welcome will spend a year working with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) as artists-in-residence to bring a creative approach and help develop new ways to achieve agency goals through a first-of-its-kind program created by ArtPlace America and Transportation for America, a program of Smart Growth America.

Recognized as a tool for pioneering innovative and creative solutions, artist-in-residence programs have been piloted across the nation in municipal governmental agencies, but WSDOT will be the first statewide agency to pilot such a program at the state level. These two artists will help find creative ways to advance WSDOT’s strategic plan goals of inclusion, practical solutions and workforce development.

“The quality and quantity of applications we received for the artist-in-residence position impressed our selection committee, and we’re thrilled to have selected the team of Kelly Gregory and Mary Welcome,” said Ben Stone, Smart Growth America’s director of arts & culture.  “Their collaborative approach, insatiable curiosity, and experience with design, planning, community engagement, and Washington state make them ideal artists-in-residence. I can’t wait to share their work with other states who are in the process of considering setting up their own similar programs.”

“We’re excited to work with Kelly and Mary to find innovative ways to better engage the communities we serve and deliver the best possible transportation projects,” said Roger Millar, WSDOT’s secretary of transportation. “They have experience with both rural and urban communities that will help us foster deeper community engagement, build relationships with underrepresented communities, and bring creativity to design challenges.” 

“This opportunity stood out because it brings together so many of the issues we care about: transportation, infrastructure, community, the rural-urban continuum, and the role of civic service in stewarding the commons,” Gregory and Welcome said. “As artists and activists, we have a history of working in collaboration with non-arts communities and building relational bridges between fun and function. We really believe in the power of artists to bring fresh perspectives and strengthen community connections.”

 About the two artists

Mary Welcome, of Palouse, Washington, is a multidisciplinary cultural worker collaborating with complex and often under-represented rural communities, with projects rooted in community engagement and the development of intersectional programming to address hyper-local issues of equity, cultural advocacy, inclusivity, visibility, and imagination. She collaborates to build cooperative environments that encourage civic engagement, radical education, and community progress.

Kelly Gregory is an itinerant social architect based on the Pacific coast. Her practice is rooted in socially-engaged work: affordable housing projects, exhibitions, reimagining spaces of incarceration, democratic public space, and in-depth community-driven research. Her projects fold current communities and future solutions into functional, beautiful spaces for collaboration and engagement. As a team, with a multi-disciplinary backgrounds in arts, outreach, architecture, and activism, they listen with communities and imagine new solutions in collaboration with neighbors.

For more information about the team, read a Q&A between the artists and Transportation for America on the organization’s website.

 What will these artists do?

The residency, based in Olympia, will run for one year with both artists making rotations as a team through several WSDOT core divisions to gain knowledge on the agency’s operations, priorities and challenges. The artist team will then propose projects to address WSDOT’s overarching goals. Their work may address some or all of the following topics: improving community engagement, supporting alternatives to single occupancy vehicle transport, creating healthier communities and enhancing safety and equity. After four months of rotations, eight months will be devoted to the artists’ project(s) development and production.

The artists will begin the residency in July 2019.

More details about the program

Several organizations collaborated on the artist-in-residence program. ArtPlace America is providing a $125,000 grant for the program, including a $40,000 stipend split between the two artists and $25,000 for a final project(s) the artists and staff develop. Transportation for America will administer both the funds and the overall program, including providing staff and consulting assistance. The State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI) will also provide staff support. Both T4A and SSTI are programs of Smart Growth America. WSDOT is not providing funding for the program, but will supply in-kind contributions consisting of work space for the selected artists and staff time for agency workers to collaborate on the new program.

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Chelan Fire and Rescue (CFR) held its Annual Awards Banquet Saturday night (03/16/2019) at Campbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan to honor those members that went the extra mile in 2018. Of the 101 members of Chelan Fire and Rescue, over 80 members and guests attended the function along with special guests, retired Fire Commissioner’s Rick Nedrow and Bob Gervais.

CFR members logged in 8,467 hours of training in 2018.  Thirteen volunteer members logged 50 to 99 hours, 10 members logged 100 to 149 hours, 4 members logged 150 to 199 hours, 5 members logged over 200 with the highest training hours going to FF/EMT Jon Mendoza who logged in 301 hours of training.

CFR responded to 984 emergency 9-1-1 incidents. Total response by members was 2,854 (3,152 hours). The highest response by a volunteer went to to FF/EMT Jon Mendoza who responded to 193 emergency incidents.

Chelan Fire District 7 Volunteer Firefighter’s Association President Dan Crandall recognized Windermere Real Estate Lake Chelan for their on-going support and fund raising in the amount of $7,595.20. FF Judy Johnson was recognized for her serviced as the Associations’ Treasure from 2014 through 2018.

Special Wildfire Certificates of Recognition were presented to 37 members of CFR that responded to one or more of the 53 working wildland fires in 2018. Eight of the wildires were 2nd alarm, ten were 3rd alarm fires and seven State Mobilization responses.

Life Saving Certificates

Administrative Office Manager Carol Kibler was recognized with a Life Saving Certificate after performing the Heimlich maneuver on a choking victim during a vacation in Mexico.

Life Saving Certificates were presented for a Cardiac Arrest victim’s save and recovery to Deputy Fire Chief Mark Donnell, Lt/EMT Shawn Sherman, Lt/EMT Eric Sanderson, FF/EMT Joe Cox, FF/EMT Steven Saugen, FF/EMT Tyee Zacher, FF Judy Johnson and FF James Parks.

Life Saving Certificates were presented for a drowning victim that went into cardiac arrest and was revived to Assistant Fire Chief Brandon Asher, FF/EMT Adam Jones, FF/EMT Troy Keene, FF/EMT Taylor Rains, FF/EMT Joe Cox, SS/EMT Sam Belsky and FF Austin Yancey.

2018 Helping Hands Award went to United States Forest Service and Department of Natural Recourses for their on-going partnership in wildland fire fighting. Tom Allen Construction was also recognized for his company’s support of CFR through in kind services.

Recruit Firefighter of the year 2018 went to FF Sam Belsky.

Station Officers Choice went to FF Steve Garvich-Station 71 (City of Chelan), FF Greg Garvin-Station 72 (Chelan Falls) , FF Jimmy Littlefield-Station 73 (Union Valley) and FF James Belch Station-75 (South Lakeshore).

Support Service Member of the year 2018 went to SS/DO Robert Takagi.

Career Firefighter of the year 2018 was awarded to FF/EMT Taylor Rains.

Volunteer Firefighter of the year 2018 was awarded to FF/EMT Jon Mendoza.

Administrator of the Year 2018 went to Administrative Assistant Faye Barker as she rounds out a 30 year career and gets ready to retire at the end of March 2019.

Career Fire Officer of the year 2018 went to Lt/EMT Evan Woods of C-Shift, Station 71 (City of Chelan).

Volunteer Fire Officer of the year 2018 went to Lt. James Parks, Station 72 (Chelan Falls).

Chief’s Award 2018 went to two Volunteer Fire Officers that have distinguished themselves over the years in how they have ran their stations, motivated their volunteers and ensured a consistent response from their stations, not only to their first due area, but in support of the rest of the district also. Lt. Johnny Synder Station 73 (Union Valley), Lt Hal Jones, Station 75 (South Lakeshore)

Fire Commissioner’s Award 2018 went to Administrative Assistant Faye Barker for a distinguished 30 year career in the Fire Service.

The prestigious Chief’s Company 2018 went to Lt. James Parks, FF/EMT Jon Mendoza, FF/EMT Sammy Rains, FF Sam Belsky, FF Hunter Newmiller and FF Austin Yancey. This group is hand selected by the Chief Officer’s for their merit and skills during emergency operations.

chelan county logoOn March 3, 2019 at approximately 7:05 PM a fire was reported at the Bluebird facility located at 10135 Peshastin Mill Rd. The fire destroyed a 36,000 square foot structure. The structure contained 12 CA rooms, 10 of which contained approximately 250,000 boxes of packed pears. The estimated dollar loss is approximately $9,000,000 for the fruit and approximately $8,000,000 for the structure.

A fire investigation ensued and was a cooperative effort with the Chelan County Department of Fire Prevention and Investigations, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) fire investigation section, the Chelan County Sheriff’s office, and fire investigators representing Travelers Insurance.

Through the process of interviews, eye witness reports and investigation of the fire scene the area of origin has been narrowed down to an area outside of the structure where pallets of cardboard and other combustible material used in the packing of fruit was stored under an awning prior to being used. We identified a light in the area of origin as a possible ignition source; however, we were not able to exclude the possibility that the fire was intentionally set. At this time, the fire is classified as undetermined.

The demolition of the building will occur in the next 2 weeks. The interior of the building will continue to smoke and at times open flames will occur as material continues to consume. The county road will remained closed as the road will be used to transfer material out of the rooms. The North wall continues to be unstable and the public is advised to stay out of the area due to the possibility of collapse outward toward the road.

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Regular Board Meeting
142 Pedoi Street, Bumgarner Building, March 14, 2019, 4:10pm
I. Call to Order
II. Flag Salute
III. Agenda Additions and Deletions
IV. Public Comment
V. Approval of Minutes
a. February 14, 2018 Regular meeting minutes
b. March 6, 2018 Special meeting minutes
VI. Financial Review
a. Review Monthly Financial Report
b. Review and Approve Monthly Voucher
VII. Old Business
a. Leffler Field
i. Executive Session to consider the acquisition of real estate
b. Maintenance vehicle
c. Marina Commercial Contract updates
d. Director’s Report
VIII. New Business
a. Resolution 2019-03 (Surplus of goods)
IX. Adjournment
Next Regular Meeting: April 11, 2019 at 4:10pm, 142 Pedoi Street, Manson, WA 98831

Citizenship Classes English 2019

port cashmere

The Port of Chelan County has entered into a lease agreement for its first tenant at the Port’s Cashmere Mill District Business Park. Hurst International, a Chatsworth, California based fruit label printer and labeling equipment manufacturer, has agreed to lease approximately 6,500 square feet. This recruitment success is expected to bring 10 new jobs and private investment exceeding $1,000,000 to Chelan County.

In response to the news, Port of Chelan County Commission President JC Baldwin stated “Recruiting a manufacturer supporting our agricultural industry as the first tenant in Cashmere is a huge win. I couldn’t be more excited about this news.”

The founder of Hurst International, Ari Lichtenberg, stated “We have had a growing presence in the region with our cutting-edge products and processes. Now is the time to add a manufacturing presence to serve our growing list of customers in Washington State.” Current regional customers include Gebbers Farms, Auvil Fruit, and Chelan Fruit.

Chelan County Commission Chairman Kevin Overbay commented that “Chelan County made a financial contribution from its dedicated economic development sales tax fund to assist the Port in constructing the buildings at the Cashmere Mill District Site. It is great to see an immediate return to the citizens of Chelan County.”

In September 2018, the Port started construction on two general-purpose industrial buildings each containing 16,500 square feet. They are expected to be completed in late spring. “

Cashmere is excited to see Hurst join Louws Truss in providing quality jobs in Cashmere. We look forward to more companies and jobs coming to this location. The Port has not even completed the buildings yet and the first tenant has been secured. I would like to thank the Port Commissioners for their forward looking investment in our community,” said Cashmere Mayor Jim Fletcher.

The Port of Chelan County is governed by three elected Port Commissioners: JC Baldwin, Donn Etherington and Rory Turner.

ChelanFireRescueLogo200Fire Commissioner Russ Jones (Chairperson of the Board of Fire Commissioners) announced that Fire Chief Timothy W. Lemon of Chelan Fire and Rescue has stated his intent to retire 12/31/2019. Chief Lemon has spent the last 10 years, of a 40 year career serving as the Fire Chief of Chelan Fire and Rescue.  

Commissioner Jones expressed his sincere appreciation for Chief Lemon’s experience, expertise, dedication and the professionalism that he brought to Chelan Fire and Rescue. “When you look around the department and community you can see the positive impacts that Chief Lemon has made.” said Jones. Improved response times, better trained and educated personnel, increased the number, type and safety of our fire apparatus, built two new fire stations in the outlying areas, improved WSRB fire classification throughout the district and has had a positive impact on all of the fire departments in Chelan Douglas County through his role as the President of the Chelan Douglas County Fire Chief and Commissioners Association for three years.

Chief Lemon has developed a strong professional and dedicated combination fire department that is appreciated by the community and recognized by the fire service community throughout the state. Under the direction of Chief Lemon, the department has earned numerous State Management of Excellence Awards, and has had CFR personnel recognized at the state level for their achievements. The District has brought in over $2.6 million dollars in grant funds under Chief Lemon’s direction.” I hope we will be able to find someone with his qualities, know-how and willingness to go the extra mile.” said Jones.

The department will start the process to find Chief Lemon’s successor later this year.

wsdot logoOLYMPIA – A unique partnership between the Washington State Department of Transportation, Sound Transit and Washington state-based credit unions will help underserved businesses participating in WSDOT’s Capacity Building Mentorship program with alternative financing options.

The mentorship program has been operating successfully since July 2018; however, access to capital continues to be a primary barrier to small businesses and those owned by minorities, veterans and women. Verity Credit Union, BECU and Harborstone Credit Union are making a total of $750,000 in loans available in support of Washington’s diverse business community. Business Impact NW will administer the loans to firms participating in the mentorship program.

“Washington state continues to lead the nation in support of its underserved entrepreneurs,” said Gov. Jay Inslee. “Ensuring these small businesses have contracting opportunities gives Washington government access to a wider array of business solutions and helps drive innovation. State partnerships with programs such as the Capacity Building Mentorship program supports these initiatives and strengthens our economy.”

“For many small, start-up businesses, getting financing for things such as equipment and other business needs can be a big hurdle, especially for new diverse firms,” said Secretary of Transportation Roger Millar. “We’re pleased that our local credit unions are stepping up to help these protégé businesses as they work to grow their capacity and experience.”

The Capacity Building Mentorship program pairs small, minority-, veteran- and women-owned businesses with successful prime contractors and consultants. These mentors provide technical assistance and business advice to strengthen the protégés’ capacity to work with WSDOT and Sound Transit.  The mentorship program is part of WSDOT’s State Funded Contracts – Diversity Roadmap and one of the highlighted efforts of the Governor’s subcabinet on Business Diversity.


The Manson School Board recently asked community members for nominations of Manson School District Staff Members who have made a significant contribution to the lives of students and/or the greater Manson community.

Aaron England, owner of England Chiropractic, parent and community member contacted the school district earlier this week and wanted to make a financial contribution to those staff members selected for this award. England Chiropractic will donate $500 to each recipient of the 2019 Blue and White Awards to use in their professional work.

Manson School District would like to thank Aaron for his generous donation and ongoing support of Manson Schools.

Nominations for this award are being accepted until March 18, 2019 at noon. You can submit one classified and one certificated staff member.   Winning nominees will be announced at the Manson School Board meeting on March 25, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

Nominations forms are available online at the school district website, in both English and Spanish. If you should have any questions, please call the Manson School District office at 687-3140.

Know bowl1280

On Monday, February 25th, Manson’s Knowledge Bowl team battled against a very tough pool of 2B competition at the North Central Washington Regional Knowledge Bowl Tournament held at Wenatchee High School.

The Manson team competed against four other 2B schools: Liberty Bell, Tonasket, Soap Lake, and Brewster. All of the schools were fighting for one of the three spots that would guarantee a berth to the 37th Annual Washington State Knowledge Bowl Tournament on Saturday, March 23rd at West Valley High School in Yakima, Washington.  Last year, Manson missed going to State by one point to Soap Lake.  This year was a different story.  During the oral rounds, they fought hard and easily defeated Brewster, Tonasket, and Soap Lake.  The toughest competition for Manson was the perennial juggernaut and State Contender Liberty Bell. By the end of the night, Manson (65 points) sent a clear message to Soap Lake (54 points) that they were not going away without the win and hardware.  With their drive and determination, Manson clearly took 2nd place. Liberty Bell achieved top honors, finishing the night with a whopping 116 points. 3rd place went to Soap Lake, Tonasket took 4th with 35 points, and Brewster finished the night with a 5th place finish and earned 26 points.

The six members representing Manson High School Knowledge Bowl team at State are: Tyler Charlton (Captain), Jose Pascasio (Co-Captain), Connor Torgesen, Louis Sanchez, Rowan Evig, and Cody Fitzpatrick.